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Not high on my list of priorities...


Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
...but, how does one go about reclining a power-adjustable seat when one doesn't have power to it? :confused

If any of you remember, I almost burned my Vette down when I shorted some wires under the passenger seat. :eek

Well, as a temporary fix, I simply removed the offending wires and moved the power connector out of the way. Last night I was installing my other G-Force harness for the passenger side, and somehow the back of the seat is now in almost a completely upright position.

That seat is powered only for the lumbar and the functions on the back of the seat (it's not six-way adjustable - just a normal slider).

So, how do I recline the seatback so that when I have a passenger on that side, they're not sitting bolt-upright. :L


Maybe now they just won't have to move as far to be sitting 'bolt upright' due to some fancy driving on your part? :eek ;)

ps Can you safely hook up your wires to adjust it? Or would this be cause for a four-alarm blaze? Adam-12.
(was that the right tv show?)
Re: hmmm...

78SilvAnniv said:
...Can you safely hook up your wires to adjust it?

I need to rewire the switch (read: get a new one).

The show you're thinking of was "Emergency", right? ;)
I just wanna keep this alive without sticking it to the top of the post.

:) :eek: ;) :cool :mad :confused :s
adjusting your seat

Right now the passenger seat is out of the 78...and I kinda like the extra room! However, I don't like sitting in the passenger seat, even if it IS on the driver's side! It is just too uncomfortable for my bad hip. I guess the broken in driver seat is just the one for me.;)

Anyhow Ken, is there a way you could run the driver's seat wires to your passenger seat to adjust it? How about taking the seats out to adjust the passenger one? But...if you do adjust it that way, do you not need to lay the seatback over the seat to reinstall (putting you back to square-one)? So, I guess that may not be a good 'fix' suggestion. Surely there must be a way to recline it manually!? How did you get it into the upright position without power?

Was Randolph Mantooth in that show?

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