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OEM Wheels and Center Caps for '81



Hi all,

I am looking for a set of four (4) Original style wheels for a 1981. Used would be OK. I need all four rims and correct center caps. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

asby69 :_rock
In addition to the above, check out e-bay from time to time. I've seen these wheels numerous times.
Good Hunting

1981 wheels & center caps

i have a set of very nice original wheels and center caps correct for an 1981. you may even be able to talk me out of the tires that are mounted on them too. did you need the lug nuts and wheel locks? you may contact me at hottype181@yahoo.com or call 719-229-9313. i am in colorado in case you need to figure the time difference.

craig (conedude)
28th anniversary edition
Saw a set at Carlisle last year and one was missing the center cap. $$$


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