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Oil Leakage Concern


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Oct 23, 2001
Oconomowoc, WI
1989 Medium Blue Metalic Convertible
I checked some of the old forums and I know that synthetic oil has been discussed before but I have a concern about leakage that I have not seen asked in this way.

Can a synthetic oil like Mobil-1 be used in the 1989 vintage L98 without causing a leakage problem? (I have read that synthetics can cause leaks if used in engines designed for conventional oils.)

My second question is if Mobil-1 has been used and it started a leak that was not there with conventional oil, will it reseal by switching bacK?

Hope these are not backtracking over old topics.

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Radar ;help
Some gaskets will more readily absorb the synthetic oils and therefore start leaking sooner.

_ken :w
Look Out for Oil Leaks

I'm going to let mine leak from now on. Had a couple drops each morning in the ole garage (makes the wife MAD). Took the old 94 to a very highly recommended "corvette restoration" shop.

The oil pan leak moved to a seal behind the Optispark, then the intake maniforld gasket leaked, then the water pump was leaking. There ain't no telling what will leak next, but the fellas, after they finished jumping up and down and whooping it up, promised to hold a gun against my head as I write out the check. I may have to sell my house and car to pay the bill, but I'm learning.

I either got to find a better machine, an honest mechanic or move to Europe.

Good Luck with your quest to solve your oil problem

Dale :cry :hb
I switched to Mobile 1 some time back on the 85. I have had no problems with leakage. She has 80k on her now. The engine has never needed any work, all seals are original. maybe that's why I've had no problems, I don't know. I have heard some scarey stories after swithching over but it's been all good for me. I run it in all my cars including the 82.

You be one smart fella. Keeping things original has got be the only way to make them last. I didn't and lost, HOWEVER, my wife does like me original, maybe because I'm too old to go far from home.

I wonder with all the new parts, should I be calling the ole C4 a C4 plus or should it be a C4 minus? With parts made in Japan, Mexico and China, should I call it a JaMeCa? If it don't run like Jesse Owens and scream like Mike Tyson, I'll see how well it burns in my fire place, piece by piece.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

If Ya'll come to San Antonio, bring your own oil, gaskets and tools.

I went in with the old oil leak, 3 days later (today) I got it back. Total cost $1,332.35.


Did I get the Shaft, or did I get the Shaft? Wife likes it. Now she gets the same amount to spend on her SUV. Me thinks I got the Shaft and am going to get the Shaft.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Sounds like a lot of oil is leaking expensivelyout there!

Radar :beer
My Take On This

Can a synthetic oil like Mobil-1 be used in the 1989 vintage L98 without causing a leakage problem? (I have read that synthetics can cause leaks if used in engines designed for conventional oils.)
I've been reading all the recent threads involving the conventional vs. synthetic oil debates with interest. This is solely my opinion, so take it for what it's worth. Let's say you have a 10yr. old engine that was never designed with synthetics in mind. It's been going good, hasn't been overly abused and more or less, major engine repairs are not in the near future. All of this when using you favorite brand and weight of "regular oil." Why change? Why risk leaks that may or may not develope with the oil change to synthetics? I don't mean to school anyone, but your only going to get a certain mileage out of that engine. It's based more on your driving habits and maintainence care through the engine's life, than which oil you use. It seems that potential leaks that may be expensive and timely to repair, is just not worth it. Imagine how you're going to feel if you make the change and the worse happens. Add in the fact that you paid about four times as much for the oil alone and you'll really hate yourself.

Just stick to what is known and true. I'm not bad mouthing synthetics, because they do have their place. I just don't think it's necessary to use them when you don't have to. Again, this is my opinion. Some will disagree with me, but it won't be the first time. Just remember, it's your money. You have the right to spend it how you like.

mobil one

bullit is right if it aint broke dont fix it. your asking for problems. stay with normal oil.
That sure sounds like good advise to me. The only reson I put synthetic in was because the local Chevrolet dealer recommended it. I think he may of forgotten that the older vettes were not designed for this product.

I think I will drain that stuff out in the spring and refill with good old regular oil and enjoy the car. If anybody needs about four quarts of slightly used Mobil-1 (40 miles!) let me know. (just kidding!)

Radar :cool

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