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oil pressure gage



I guess it's always gonna be something when we own 20 year old cars.I have a problem with the oil pressure gage on my 81...
Without the car running in reads 40 lbs right in the middle,but when the car is running it pegs all the way to the right...does anyone know why this happens ?
Thanks in advance

Check both your connections at the sending unit and the gauge, buff off any corrosion that might be present. If this doesn't cure it then you likely need to replace the pressure sending unit.

My vote is for the sending unit.
I replaced this on mine.
If I remember correctly it sits on the top of the intake manifold, towards the firewall side, and slightly on the drivers side. Old one unscrews, new one screws in :)
Doesnt cost much to replace either. I think I got it from ZIP for $25 or something.

Good Luck,
Unit location could either be on the driver's side of the engine by the oil filter or just behind the intake manifold.
Hi Ksems,

I'm having the same troubles as you, when my engine runs the oilpressure gauge reads 80. so I've tried it whith a mechanical meter. I've used an old meter but no one could me what the scale was on on the meter it read 65-70. So to make sure everything was oke I changed the sending unit, still the same problem then I changed the oilfilter still the same. at last I've changed the oilpump that was really a pian#@$. Now I have an oil pressure on a cold engine of 60 with 800rpm if I turn it up till 3000rpm it stays on 60. When the engine is hot it reads 35 with 800 rpm and 45-50 with 3000rpm.
This week I going out for a good mecanical meter to what the pressure really is. I think the problem lies with the gauge or an earth problem.

I'll keep you posted.

Rene Neuburger
Thanks for the info....will check these things out


I just did some measurments with a mecanical meter and I think it's oke now.
Here are the readings:

Warm engine:

800rpm 30psi
1000rpm 35psi
3500rpm 60psi

Cold engine:

1000rpm 60psi
2500rpm 70-75 after 1 - 2 seconds the reliefvalve comes on
and it drops till 65psi

I think these are oke but if anyone out there has other information I' ll would like to know.

So in my case it was a combination of a stuck reliefvavle and a broken oilpressure sensor.

So the best you can do is check the engine with a mecanical meter or maybe a shop near you can do it.

Rene Neuburger

Earth / Ground

I did receive your email but I had trouble sending a reply through the CAC ... I tried another routing but I do not know if you received it.

Great!!! Glad to see you've verified op is OK. Your new numbers look very good. But, do you still have the problem with your gage in dash? Do you have an earth / ground problem?
Hi Jack,

I don't think i've got your mail but if you have problems sending me mail you can always send me a mail on my homepage.

I don't think i have a ground problem because the other gauges on the centre dashpanel are working correct. Maybe it's the oilpressure gauge but i'll check it later first do some cruising but not this weekend it's gonne be rain,rain and morre rain.

If I finnaly find the problem i'll let you know.

Bye Rene

oil preasure

PACE78 WHY IN THIS WORLD WOULD YOU CHANGE THE OILPUMP FOR A TO HIGH OIL PRESURE reading ! the pump has a presure relief spring/port that keeps it from getting to high and high pressure cant hurt an engine only LOW OR NO oil pressure or oil flow will hurt an engine!:w
Hi Grumpyvette,

I think your'e wrong there! High olipressure can hurt youre engine.
I can cause gasket or seal leakage. THe thing is I wanted to know where the problem started if suddely the pressure is too high it can be caused by a stucked oilchannel so there can be parts that can be damaged in you engine. Or when the reliefvalve isn't working properly(broken spring) The pressure can get far too high.

Don't be too grumpy!:D
(not one of the grumpy old men i'll hope):L :L


oil gauge

Ed send your gauge to CVT Clocks by Rodger@ 901 664 6120. He does a great job!

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