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OK Chris (69MyWay)! IF that is your REAL Alias!!! Tell me about SS Radiator Hose!


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"
ALRIIIIIGHTY MISTER! Your sick twisted example has RUINED me!!! I've gone WAY down the Rabbit Hole and bought one of those ATAS corrugated SS radiator hoses.


NOW...how do I get the thing to stop leaking?


I don't want to tighten that clamp any more...

I am thinking of taking off the garish aluminum thingy and hawging it out a little on the part that goes over the hose to let it take a larger width, stronger hose clamp.

More obviously, I am thinking of "3M Yellowing" that side also....



...or at least send antifreeze rated SCUBA gear!!!

Wayne....use the Force....the force....(that is proper tightening force on the clamp)......hehehehehhe

Mine only had a leak problem one time. The first time the weather dropped cold this winter, I noticed that it wanted to drip at the goose neck until it warmed up. A quick use of proper (FORCE......) and she was fixed right up.

I think you could put the sealant between a fresh clean and dried mating surface between the two, then clamp it down and not have any problems.

You may have a defective unit?????

Keep us posted.
Yeah, that's pretty much how mine is

...but repetitively. Moreover, mine leaks at both ends, radiator and gooseneck.

It never leaks much - a few ounces at most, it's just annoying.

I haven't cut mine yet and am still using the full two feet, since I haven't come up with a cool radiator hose support for maybe the alternator bracket that I'm happy with yet.

I will probably use sealant when I cut the hose to true length - and when I install the lower one.

I couldn't tell from the pics, did you go with the lower radiator and heater hoses too?

Other than that the hose is the neatest thing since sliced night baseball! No road garbage picked up by the fan with will cut it, and I don't see it ever getting spongy and leaking.
I used a regular rubber on the bottom. With big block and long leg water pump, you can't see it anyhow.

Sorry that yours is leaking. I can't help but think it has a defect. Mine stopped right away when I tightened up the top clamps.

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