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Ok ....here She Is!!!



Everyone has been wanting to see our new addition. This is the one I had serched for for a long time....We got her for $10K!!!

:cool Looks good!

why :booty Is that like "Nyah, nyah! Mine's better than yours." :confused

:L Just kidding, ya know. ;)

Looks great, Riko...congratulations!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine


Thats Like it huh!!. Thanks guys:w This is my third Vette, and surely the one I had searched for for a long time. I feel very privlidged to own 1of5000 made that year. It has the Duel Power Sport Seats, which most of the Roadsters didn't get. It has the Torch Red Leather Interior and is loaded with every option, except the ride control. I have recently found a .....sad to say.....96 Admiral Blue Convertible....that was drove in the lake, and was there for a week. :eek It is a 40th Anniversary model. I think it can be salvaged though. Right now its a mess. But...its for sale for 3500.00.....If anyone is interested....let me know.

That is a beautiful car and I see that with you being in Texas; you can drive it year round!

It's really heartbreaking to have to garage the 'Vette for 4-5 months out of the year in this midwest weather.:mad
God knows...

I hated seeing mine parked the two winters we lived in Washington state! Much happier here in the South, but have been warned about 'ice storms'. Yeauch!
Welcome to CACC TopDown!
Very sharp, RIKO! Congratulations on your new ride. Wish
I lived in Texas.....not fun having a convertible in Illinois.
You are so lucky! :)

Nice ride;)

Enjoy :D


Special thanks to Bud for re-sizing my pic. Keith, its an Auto. I really wanted the auto this time, much nicer driving in Houston traffic. That car just brings:cry to my eyes with:J . Being able to put the top down on a nice day brings a whole new meaning to CRUZIN. The ground effects you noticed is a Callaway Kit the previous owner had put on the car, so that was a nice give me when I found this one. And getting the car for $10K was a true bargain. We have become good freinds with the previous owner. They bought a new ZO6! I feel very privledged to own 1of5000 of these made. It has 63K orginal miles, is loaded with every option except the FX3 ride control. It even has the hard rear window with defroster....in a convertilbe top.....weird option to me! It presently has a Glacier White cloth top, but this coming spring it will be black. The ground effects are coming off and being painted black, except for the one small piece on the door...its going to be Torch Red, like the interior. This should tie the interior and exterior together quite well. The interior is black and Torch Red leather seats and carpet. The black top may also get a Torch Red border.


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