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Oct 15, 2000
Bowie, MD
Vette-less for now
Every once in a while I master the scanner. Here's a pic from the NCM in June when the L81 crew invaded the "Collector Edition" Rendezvous. They sure knew we were there, hey Bud?

............ Nut
Hi Nut,
Great looking vette. I really like that color.

:L That's it!?!?!! One picture? And it's only of you and your car?!?!?? :L

_ken :w

Looks good Bob! :upthumbs
Nice picture Nut, now what's that color called again? What is it, hmmm, almond orange..no that's not it. :L:L:L

Hey Roy, I like those pics in your signature, very sharp looking wheels :upthumbs.

- Eric
WOW! Looks Terrific!! Love the color and the shine.
Thanks for sharing, Nut. :)

Thanks all...

Thanks everyone. Yeah I have more Ken, even one of you; I just need the time to play on the scanner next week. Since most of the office s/b out on vacation I should have more time to experiment. Jason got it right. Nutmeg Bronze. :)

Stay tuned..... Santa Nut :grinsanta
NO, no, no, no! I got it now, the color is Santa's cap lightly toasted. Buuuurrrpppp. Oh man, what AM i DRINKING?! :L :L :L
Hey Nut,
I just looked at the pic again and noticed you and your car are definitly a matched pair. Im Serious..:drink
tomconners said:
Hey Nut,
I just looked at the pic again and noticed you and your car are definitly a matched pair. Im Serious..:drink

Oh I don't know about that Tom, legs look a little lighter color, but the top of his head DOES match pretty close :L :L :L

and yes the L81VetteRegistry did make it's presence KNOWN ;) and let's hope we have a Huge TurnOut for the Labor Day Weekend SharkFest 2002

Nut, the Vette looks great. Wife says the legs look good too :) ! hehehe
Rick, Tell the wife thanks, but the car definitely out classes me. :D That's a sun tan to you guys up there in north Central states. Haven't been up your way in a while. Have business in Eagan, New Brighton and Bloomington but they've been behaving themselves lately so no need for a "personal" visit. The Mall get any bigger in the last couple years? Cool place (excuse the expression). Btw... still wearing my shorts this weekend. 70's on Sat.

Later.......... Nut :grinsanta
Nut........The Mall is still the greatest show in North America....no changes as of yet. However, plans are in the mix for a tremendous addition to the complex. I believe another college more shopping and even housing is on the horizon. As of right now, a light rail system is being installed from downtown Mpls. (my front yard) to and under the airport and the Mall of America being the final destination. BTW..we were wearing shorts as of two days ago, I even put about 150 miles on the Vette in the last week. Even today is a Vette day, temps are down but the sun is bright. Last year at this time she had already been in hibernation for weeks. As for your businesses I'm sure I've either seen them or been to them as I'm a courier and have been in nearly every bldg. in the Twin City area in my 19 yrs of service. :) Rick

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