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OMG We Have been Looking at C6 for a while now.. GET THIS..


Black Ice

I talked to a Cadillac executive the other day that told me the Cadillac Cien is nothing more then a Corvette C6 wearing a Cadillac disguise. He said other then hood length, and greenhouse tweaks and of course front and rear clips this is the C6. He went on to say the front and rear ends will look somewhat like the C5R cars.
I seriously doubt this. Primarily because the C6 will be using a slightly modified C5 frame, whereas the Cien is a mid-engined car.
Yeah the new XLR (which is based on the Evoq concept) and the C6 will both be built in Bowling Green. As for the Cien being a "mid-engined" car...7.5 liter V-12...what?!
What he was talking about was the basic body styling not the underpinnings. What he said was this car was made as a "styling concept" for the C6. This was GMs way of showing the public the basic styling of the C6 and get opnions on the design with out showing there hand. The Cadillac is supposed to be 75% C6 in styling. If you look at the front end it really screams Corvette if you can look beyond the Cadillac grill. It also would confirm the shorter overhangs of the C6. The side scoop is to be reversed on C6 in the gill panel area like C5 instead of the rear 1/4 as styled on the Cadillac. Ross
Hey (Black Ice) thanks for the clarification! I realized just after I sent my reply that he wasn't referring to the engine. But I hope you're right. That Cien is the best concept we've seen in a long time. But Lutz is shaking things up around here, and I've heard the C6 design is changing as we speak. The concept drawings that Motor Trend put out were pretty disappointing, so hopefully he'll work some of his "magic" again. By the way, do you work for GM?
My feeling is that the C6 will just be a reskined C5 kind of like the C2 to C3 change. The XLR is also a reskined C5. All brothers under the skin.

It will share the same frame as the Cadillac. Its supposed to be a little longer in the wheelbase.
Midengine or not

Well, considering that on the ZO6 the car uses a transaxle with the tranny mounted directly to the diff, it wouldnt be to much of a stretch for the car to go midengine. But, I do seriously doubt that will happen just because unlike Ford with the Mustang platform, Chevy remembers it's heritage well at least with the corvette anyway.
cadillac C6

Yes, back about a year ago your statement was in Motor Trend
Is a cadi with all vett features

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