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On My Way !!


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay just got the ol vette outta the garage (finally) good new and bad news unfortunatly

Heres what my probs were

Busted up Harmonic Balancer (Replaced)
Messed up Computer (replaced)
the connection for mechanics computer (under dash) (replaced)
short in door (never found or has acted up) (Praying :confused )

Things I gotta do (any help or suggestions please!!)

Rack and pinon Need replacing (Something about a aluminum housing that worps and makes steering stiff and not stiff)

Transmisson played mind games!!
1st gear works 2nd works but I cant turn off OD 3rd works fine both ways 4th SOMETIMES OD turns off Im really confused Help me Lol
About the only thing I can suggest regarding the trans is for you to check out The GearZone. They seem to know their stuff when it comes to the Doug Nash 4+3.

As I've stated already in a previous post about the O/D unit; I gave up and ordered a remanufactured one. I wish it would get here! :eyerole

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