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Well I suppose it was only a matter of time. I just locked the Pass Key II key fob in my 95 coupe. The doors locked but the horn didn't sound & the security light isn't flashing. I realize it would not be prudent to spell out how to get into the car on the web, so someone please just tell me if a locksmith will be able to get into it without any problems. Its late on a Saturday & I plan on calling a locksmith tomorrow (Sunday). I really don't know why it locked. I assume the battery in the key fob is weak. The fob is laying on the passenger seat. Any ideas on why it locked guys?

I've never had a Corvette that new but my Tahoe doesn't beep until you hit the lock button a second time.

It should not have locked your doors. I don't know the answer to that one. You should be able to rock the car and it will wake the transmitter. It shoud open the locks. The transmitter goes into sleep mode to save the battery when not in use. Chuck
Rock & Roll (the car that is)

Thanks guys,
I didn't think it should have locked, I remember reading something about it (Pass key) going into sleep mode, but the owners manual is in the console! I will attempt to rock the heck out of it, we are in the midst of some really nice 70- degree weather & I had planned on hitting some winding back roads today. Never fails, I just took the screen out of the MAF, relocated the inlet air temp sensor, & unhooked the CAGS plug last night. Oh well....
Thanks again

I am a locksmith and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that ANY good locksmith can get you into this car without damage. I could do it in less than a minute, but you are kinda far from me and the service call would KILL you. :)

Nyernga--you got ripped. I charge $60 on a sunday unless I have to drive more than 5 miles, $40 base price on weekdays and Saturday before 5pm. :D
and...what the heck is that thing under your name?
I feel better

Just stepped in from the garage, I rocked, shook & cussed at the car & still would not unlock. (Probably shouldn't have cussed at it) Called the local "Pop A Lock" $30 dollars, about 1 minute & he was in, the alarm did go off when he opened the door.
While I'm on the subject what do I need to get another Pass Key programmed? I see the Key fobs on Ebay, does any one have experience with this?

Good question, Drewser. :) Looks like part of the "Mothman Prophecies." :D


Drewser said:

...what the heck is that thing under your name?
I'm pretty sure...

...that it is an artful pic of the Twin Towers of WTC.

Drewser...exactly WHERE IS Friggin Nowhere? And are you sure you're in the middle of it? :L
Re: I feel better

Burnnrubber said:
While I'm on the subject what do I need to get another Pass Key programmed? I see the Key fobs on Ebay, does any one have experience with this?
Are you talking about the key itself or the remote opener?

Silver, Friggin nowhere is inbetween East Jesus and Bum-Faak Egypt. I might not be exactly in the middle but you can see it from here.:t

I just as well get spares for both the Fob & the key itself.
Prices Etc?

For the key itself we charge $25 for the Ignition (VATS key) and $2 for the door key. For the keyfob, I'm not really sure which kind you have. We don't really deal with them much, but I know that the dealer can get you a factory remote that can be programmed in but it will erase your current remote, so that needs to be reprogrammed with the new remote.

I picked up a spare fob from Corvette Central online. $125 Not much of a problem reprogramming them both.
The picture is kinda small, Len. :L I just saw the movie "The Mothman Prophecies" with Richard Gere and the picture resembled Mothman. Maybe I need to start using binoculars. :D

nyernga said:


mothman prophecies patti?

I know it's not the best pic but how many square very tall buildings do you know of?
;) :L

burn...had the same thing happen on my 95....got to talking with someone and left the keys in the ignition. When I came back, the car was locked... Handbook in mine says the the car will lock itself when the key's left in it...to cut down on the chance of theft. Fortunately, I had read the book BEFORE this happened, and my back lid popped open when i shook the car...so i was able to get into the car and unlock it.

According to a guy i emailed on Ebay...the bob can be programmed by any dealer.....my handbook says that you can program it yourself...or so i remember.
Thanks Newbie

I shook, rocked, & even kicked the tires & mine would not unlock the hatch or otherwise. I had the wife pick up a new battery for the key fob at Wal Mart, it seems to have a little more range as you approach the car now.

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