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Options on C7


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Aug 6, 2018
I am shopping for a used C7 zo6 convertible or possibly will order a new one. I noticed the large rear spoiler on a used 2017 coupe but I could not find that option on the list of options for that car including the carbon fiber appearance package. It seems like a stand alone item on that car. Is it possible to order the big spoiler by itself? Or are the rear spoiler options different for a convertible as opposed to the coupe. I do not want the z07 option but. I love that big spoiler!

Also so does anyone know if there is a charging port/cigarette lighter in the convertible trunk as a standard feature. I already have a battery tender but does the battery protection package add one back there?

Does the infotainment package include a CD player or do I need to use a portable unit and plug it in somewhere?

Thanks for your help,

Rob P

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