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Ordering new 2002



I am doing some research for my father 55 (not very computer savy). We were pricing a new 2002 C5 coupe and are wondering what the must have options are. He was looking at an automatic, but should he get the lower axel ratio.
How about the roof options, what is the difference? Wheels etc.....
Second would be price: if he ordered one over taking one off the lot how much over invoice (not MSRP) should he look to pay. Minneapolis, MN resident.

Thanks for all your input and great site!
Go to Chevrolet.com , There is 3 option groups . Auto trans comes with 2.73 axle or the option is 3.15 . Coupe comes standard with a removable top , the option a dark tinted one or both . Wheels are standard aluminum or option polished aluminum . I paid 2000 over invoice . Way cheaper than MSRP .
2002 Base coupe 35879.38 Invoice
Performance Axle 3.15 300.00
Body Side molding 75.00
Polished wheels is extra 1,100
Tinted top is extra 600 to 900
Option Groups range from 1100 to 2200
All option numbers are guessaments only
Yellow and Magnetic red are option colors for 600.00 extra
You will have to do alot of calling around to find a dealership willing to sell you one for 2000 over invoice , maybe try a 1000 over like I did until they counter offer with 2000 over . Car on the lot are not going to be cheaper than ordering one , cars on the lot are going to be fully optioned .
Thanks ,
Just got my 2002 last year when same age. I wanted 6sp so rear axel wasn't an issue, but from 6 months on various boards I would go with higher or is that lower rearend, one with most pickup. Many who don't, seem to complain about off the line performance, you want it quick. As to other option pkgs can't see getting car without top pkg including both power seats, HUD is a must, and diming mirrors. If you can afford a Vette get it best you can. I left off the second roof, in the coupe, and glad I didn't get BSM's. Good luck, and miles of smiles is very true after 4 months and 5000 miles.

On ordering, I couldn't find a CA dealer to deal without trying to get you into an all day session, not interested. I went to the net and found Ken Fichtner in MT and made a deal in 2 emails and took delivery when promised. Saved 3k, offset by the cost of the trip but at that time a little vacation just made sure it was well broken in by the time we got back home. Fantastic experience.:)
When I ordered my 2001 Speedway White Coupe, I got the memory package, which makes getting in and out easier and you can set your seat to desired settings and lock the settings in, for 2 different drivers...with adjustable sport bucket seats and power passenger seats and power telescoping and manual tilt steering column. It was Equipment Group 2. I bought both tops, but mostly used the Tinted transparent top...liked the open feel. Mine was an automatic and I got the highly polished wheels. Also had the HUD (Heads Up Display), which most owners really like alot and dual zone airconditioning.

Good luck to your dad on his search. :)

Our sticker was $47870.00 and we paid $41237.00..We have all options except adjustable drive...
Very nice to have dual zone A/C if you travel with a partner. And I'm surprised I didn't mention the memory seats and adjustable steering wheel, amazing what you take for granted after just a few months.

Let everyone know how it came out, the Vette is very worth the price, especially with the deals that are now available.

Dad and I are making a road trip

We found a used 2002 Silver with options:

:side molding
:dual roofs
:crome wheels
:12 disc
:just about ever option, not selective handling package.

Flying and picking it up this weekend. Thanks for all the input.
Now that Dad has a technology driven car, tell him he has to learn how to post and join the fray, everyone will want to hear how big the smile is, and don't forget to wave.
Why are so many opposed to Body Side Moldings?? I have an '02 on order w/ 6 speed, polished wheels, dual roof, 12 cd, performance handling pkg, Equip Grp 2. & BSM! Can't wait to get it!!
As to the BSM's, from what I get here and from CorvetteForum.Com it is purely personal perference, some like 'em and some like the look without them. I'm for the later, but sure I will wonder when I get the first door/side ding. But that is life, make your choice and let the other guy make their's. Enjoy the new ride, that last month for me was one of the longest I can remember, very painful. But the smiles at the end are worth waiting for what you want. :beer
Go to the top 100 vette sites and you will find several dealers who say they are willing to deal. You will also find same on the Hemmings site (www.hemmings.com). I don't have direct buying experience but I did talk to Rick Daniel at Maxie Price. He talked like he would deal but at the last minute I found a local garage queen with 12K miles that I couldn't pass up. The brief drive was all that was needed to quench my lust for a new ride. I saved big bucks buying pre-owned. Now the smile on my face will just not go away. All we need to do now is get rid of this damn snow. Good luck!
StArrow68.... Thanks for the comments. I have been waiting 2 years too finally make this purchase and I'm sure the next 6 weeks are gonna kill me!! I just wanted to make sure it was just preference in appearance & nothing else.
Potent45acp, thanks for the address in your response. I sure as heck the snow stays away except the mountains for skiers!
You could also consider a used one. You can find a nice clean low miles one for a good price. Just another opition for you.
Got one

My father bought one last weekend

2002 Coupe
9000 miles
HUD, dual AC controls (1SC?)
body molding,
12 disc,
6 spd,
Maybe something more?
He got it for low 37,000 I can't give everything away. Sticker was 45,9xx.

It is spotless, very nice car. We did notice that tire noise on concrete is pretty bad. Fast though..wow!
I will work with him to get him online!

I know he will have questions for fellow owners.

Tire replacement-will it help with noise?
Dynamat the tire wells?
Stratmosphere.com-good car mats?
Any performance modifications that are reasonable?

I will try to get him on. Thanks for all your input. He loves the car and the 6 speed.

I think his next will be a Z06. He is hooked on the power.
Congrats on the new ride and yes the tire noise is an issue depending on where you drive. OT Here in Northern Calif. it is not such an issue since I have noticed it is more pronounced on newer roads, we don't seem to have much of that here :(

From what I have read some of the issue is from the run flat tires being stiffer than normal so you have to make a decision if you want them or non run flats. Some people go non r/f and travel with a patch kit and aux plugin pump unit. Others switch to non GY run flats and claim that the noise is better, like Michelin. Hopefully you will be able to do some research before getting into new rubber with only 9k miles. Great price.

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