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Out with the Old Rear Suspension, in with Modern Aftermarket


New member
May 23, 2021
'75 Stingray T-top
Fourth owner of a well-cared for 69' C3 here.

I'm researching the replacement of the entire original rear suspension with a modern aftermarket solution. I'm only considering rear suspension kits, and I will do the deed myself. I've looked at three aftermarket kits, with a few more to go. This will be neither a casual nor inexpensive job, so I want to be reasonably settled with my decision before I place an order. To that end, I solicit information from those, and only those, who've done this swap.

C3 owners with actual experience retrofitting an aftermarket rear suspension, shade-tree or shop-install:
I request brand recommendation along with anecdotes, advisories, experiences, discoveries, "parts-not-included-but-needed", etc, etc.

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