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Question: outside rear view mirror


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Feb 17, 2005
Jackson,New Jersey
1994 convert. 2002 C5 coupe
Where can I purchase a replacement driver-side rear view mirror, glass only.
2003 Z06
I ordered one from GMpartsdirect online last February. Mine has the electrochromatic dimming option. It was expensive, but still cheaper than the whole mirror assembly. The regular glass is available also.

I ordered one from GMpartsdirect online last February. Mine has the electrochromatic dimming option. It was expensive, but still cheaper than the whole mirror assembly. The regular glass is available also.

How difficult is it to replace just the glass? Do you have to remove the complete mirror assembly?
How difficult is it to replace just the glass? Do you have to remove the complete mirror assembly?

The mirror glass just snaps out. I use a plastic interior tool for this. Putting the glass back into place does require a bit of finesse. Place the glass in position and tap it onto the retaining plate. You can place a towel over the glass when doing this. There is something about hitting a piece of glass with a fist that just seems wrong. Especially when that part is so expensive. I did this on my Z06 last year and it has worked fine ever since. No need to remove the entire mirror assembly from the door. Have fun!
Here is what I developed for replacing the mirror and surround. Some people just put a stick on mirror which is not my cup of tea. I did not replace my mirror with an electrochromatic one since it would most likely just fail again. Common issue. I bought mine from Corvette Central.

This guidance is for removing just the mirror insert (with plastic surround) in cases wherethe actual mirror has an issue or you need to access the motor assembly behind it.
The mirrorhousing can be left attached to the door
Before youstart, place a blanket under the door so if you drop the mirror it will notbreak and if any of the positioner pins come out they will not be hard to find,There are 4 of them.
Move themirror all the way up or down so you can get your fingers behind the mirror.
Placing sometape around the housing edges before you start so as to not scratch the housingpaint would be a good idea.
The mirrorconnects to the motor assembly with 5 snap in connections.
One is themain pivot ball in the center, The other 4 are smaller with one above, below,left, and right of the large center pivot.
The 4smaller ones are driven by the motor assembly to position the mirror.
Have afriend hold the mirror housing while you pull on the mirror insert.
The mirrorinsert should “pop” out and be released.
Note: Nowyou will have to remove the heated mirror wiring connector and if equipped, theconnector for the auto dimming.
One or moreof the position pins may come out with the mirror insert or just fall on theground. This is OK and not an issue.
If any pinscome out they should have a spring attached to them so don’t lose the springs.The pins actually are inserted into the springs.
When Iremoved my mirror insert one pin came out with the spring still attached to themirror insert. I simply removed it from the mirror insert just reinserted itinto the motor assembly before I put the mirror insert back on. Everythingworked just fine after I finished.
The mirrorinsert has “cupped” like connectors that the pivot and pins fit/snap into.
Use a goodsilicone type lubricant on the pins, pivot, and mirror insert connectors tomake reattaching the mirror insert easier.
Please note the 4 pins have a smallprotrusion that has to be aligned correctly to match the mirror insertconnectors . Not hard to “eyeball” the correct alignment but if not close theinsert will not snap back onto the pins.
You shouldnow be ready to reinstall the mirror insert.
Reattach theone or two wiring connectors.
If your newmirror does not have the electrochromatic feature (and the original did) justtape the wires off and make sure they are stuffed back so they don't interferewith the mirror motion. It will be apparent which wires are for the heatingelement versus the auto dimming.
Have afriend support the housing so it does not move when you press the mirror insertback in.
I recommend(must do or similar) cut a block of wood to cover as much of the mirror as possibleso when you press in back on so you distribute the pressure and don’t break themirror. Also place a small towel or soft material between the block and themirror so as to not scratch the mirror.
As you startpressing the mirror insert in, try to put move the mirror insert and motorassembly so it is not tilted like you did when you removed it. You want all thepins and pivot to snap in at one time.
It takes agood amount of pressure to snap the mirror insert into place. That is why youneed a friend to hold the housing and you need to lubricate the pins/pivot andthe mirror insert connectors.
If it does not snap in with“reasonable force”, remove the mirror and double check the alignment of the 4pins. I found out that I had not correctly aligned them all and had to redothat and then it snapped in.
When Ireinstalled my insert I did not have a friend to help so I had to press withone hand while I held the housing with the other. It takes good amount ofpressure to snap it in but I did it with one hand.
Good luck.
PS: Rememberif you are replacing the motor assembly there are 2 types. One with Memory andone without. The one with Memory has 2 connectors, not one. The one with memoryhas an additional 4 pin connector.

Also, I would recommend you post future non ZO6 specific issues in the technical section for more viewing. This is the first time I have ever even looked at this section. I did so since I was bored waiting to take my daughter to school.

Sorry the sloppy wording, this site screwed up my sentence structure.
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Dadaroo's write up is very good. I might add that you do want to keep the mirror attached to the vehicle to just replace the glass, it is even more difficult with the mirror removed.

Also I use a heat gun to warm up the plastic holder before removing and installing the glass, which makes it a little bit easier but still not fun.

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