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own a 76 stingray want in the 80's front and rear

Dec 15, 2001
Western Australia
'06 STi, '68 Camaro, '58 Cadillac Sixty Special
i have a '76 stingray vette and want to convert the front and rear ends to the early 80's shape... anyone has done this b4 or know of a place that sells conversion kits? also if change the front does involving to change the front quarter panels as well?? any help appreciated

M. P
Perth , Western Australia
One of the reasons I purchased my custom 80 vert is that I wanted a convertible and loved the 80's look. What better way than an 80 convertible. Do you have a vette resto shop that you can call? They may have done this type of conversion before. I have only seen a conversion kit for the 79 vette in the catalogs. Good luck.


80-82 style front bumpers for 73-79 vette
I take you want to use the 80 style grilles? corvette central has them for 309.96 they look like they are fiberglass.
they also have a high rise custom hood that is 2" higher than the original that is done up in the 80's style. 579.00
check out their web site. wwwcorvettecentral.com

you don't have to mod your fenders.

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