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Pace Car Owners registry?



With the purchase of my new Pace car, comes a website that the previous owner created. I'm in the process of taking it over in the near future, and was curious if there were any other Pace Car owners that would be interested if I maintained the registry that is already started???

Here's the existing site if anyone wants to check it out.


Of course the name hasn't been changed to me yet! ; )
Mine isn't a Pace Car...

...but I'll check the site out later today.

Congratulations whit your pacecar. I have a indy pacer too.
It's really great to own and drive one.

I've made my own 1978 pace car site check it out!!! Also there is a registry called the 25th Anniversary registry you'll see it on my page.


Have fun!

Bye Rene

Thanks for the info Heidi and Rene!

I'll check out your site too! ; )

Hey, thats a Very nice ride you have there too! <VBG>


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