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Paint Codes


Jan 21, 2008
LaGrange, KY
1981 Dark Blue Metallic
Greetings! I'm a new poster and a new member to the registry.

I bought my '81 in June of '07 and am having a lot of fun with it.

I'm curious about something, though. My '81 is a Bowling Green car and has Dark Blue Metallic exterior paint. Everything that I've read says that the code for St. Louis Dark Blue Metallic was 28 and for Bowling Green Dark Blue Metallic 38. My build sheet says 38 but when I look at the registry I see both codes used for both manufacturing locations. Which is correct?


Well-known member
Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5
Welcome :upthumbs

I believe if you go to the L81VetteRegistry then click on "Join Registry" you will see the application with all the entry for options, etc.. When I go through the approval process I check S/N against color codes, ext and int.
{The drop down menu for Exterior Color Code, you'll see both colors listed (Code 28 and Code 38). As you said, St. Louis Code 28, Bowling Green Code 38.}

It is prefered:
When registering a 1981, owners take the time to verify their color codes via the Trim Tag. You would be amazed (maybe not) at the number of folks that just FILL IN THE BLANK with what ever suites their fancy, or won't take the time to validate their cars for us. The data base can only be as good as the information provided..

It's frustrating, yet understandable, a lot folks don't care, or don't take the time to connect their S/N to St. Louis or Bowling Green.

The Registry will be under NEW management (ownership) by the first of February 2008. Other than a few bad attitudes, it's been a fun, and a great learning experience. Thanks Tim for all your hard work on the design of the website and great upkeep and maintenance of the Registry.

Good Luck Paul, and to everyone that helped along the way so far, THANKS :upthumbs

Bud Dougherty

6880 Mike

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Jun 30, 2006
The Bluegrass State
1968 convertible; 1980 L-82
Both codes are correct depending upon where the car was assembled. 28 for the St. Louis cars; this paint was acrylic lacquer. 38 is correct for the Bowling Green cars which were painted with acrylic enamel and clearcoat.


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