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Paint durability



Pait durability

I've got a new vette on order in light pewter metallic. Production cade 3100 is not assigned as yet so I have an opportunity to change the color. Is anyone out there aware of any problems with durability on the metallic paints and the light pewter in particular? I plan on keeping this vette a long time.
paint not pait!

That should be paint durability and not pait! That's also a production code, not cade! Old timer's is really setting in.
paint durability

Jim, For what it is worth. A fellow 'Vetter here in AR has the very color that you are thinking of buying, and I have to say that the color is absolutely striking! He has had no difficulty with durability or maintaining the quality of the shine, etc. As you already know, Corvette owners, to a fault, have been looked upon by the non-addicted as anal retentive when it comes to taking care of our cars. Be that as it may, I am certain that after you have made the puchase, your dedication to maintaining the paint quality will keep the 'Vette looking great for a long time. Best of luck, and I am envious!!

Pewter Paint Durability


I have a four month old 2002 Coupe that's Light Pewter Metallic. It's made one round trip from the Big Apple to Ann Arbor (1225 miles) and many shorter highway runs to the Philly, PA, area where my folks live. It got about 4200 miles on it and the paint is absolutely stunning!

Obviously, I can't vouch much beyone the 4200 miles I've got, but the clear-coat looks absolutely awesome so far.

There are some factors to consider when you think of the paints "durability": exposure to the elements, UV exposure, road-salt, how often you clean the car, etc.

If this new baby of yours sits outside all day, the paint will suffer the effects of exposure eventually and a good "light-oxidation" cleaner should keep it looking new for a long, long time.

True Story:
Theres a guy who parks his triple-black rag-top C5 in front of my apartment building here in the heart of the Big Apple, Manhattan. I think it's a '98. He never cleans it (sinful) and the pigeons use it for target practice constantly. It gets to looking like an Dalmation in negative, big gooey white spots on black.
One day, I notice that he's actually washed the car! So I had to "inspect" the paint real up close and personal like. I was amazed at how "durable" his black finish really is, no major damage! Sure, it needed a good waxiing but you could tell that it really held up under the attack of NYC air and pigeon contributions, it really didn't suffer that much.

If your question is really about metalic versus non-metalic finishes, I really can't say. But I can say: the pewter finish is stunning, doesn't show the dirt and dust the way a darker finish will and is absolutely stunning. Did I mention how stunning it looks?

Best of Luck!
Hey Jim. Reed it fime da firs tme.
Thanks to all of you for your input! I have a '00 Silverado in Lt Pwtr, and it really stays clean in appearance longer than any color I've ever owned. I needed a little encouragement on my 'Vette color choice and didn't really know if the Lt Pwtr had been on the 'Vette long enough to gauge it's durability. This baby will be garaged and tended too as best I can. I'm 58 and have drooled over 'Vettes since they first came out in '53. I've been a GM car nut all my life, but family responsibilities, conservatism, etc. always made me feel too guilty to spend the money for a 'Vette. I finally decided I wasn't getting any younger, and, now that I'm retired, I need something to cruise and keep sparkled up. My next question is which wash/wax is the absolute unchallenged best for durability and shine? I've been using Meguiar's Gold Class Wax and Armorall Wash. Does anyone know of anything better? Also, I've seen several comments from those who state they are glad they didn't order the BSM. Is there some reason other than personal preference for these comments?
You're going to love your new Vette. I waited 27 years to get my second one, an 02 Mag Red Coupe. I do have problems with swirl marks. I find the clear coat to be quite soft. Of course, just about every microabrasion shows up on red. There are many threads to the polishes perfered by other Vette owners. See the car care/detailing sections on most of the Vette forums. I suggest you read a lot before buying. I like Zaino, but have used Blackfire, Pinnacle Souveran, and 3M liquid wax on my other cars. 3M swirl remover and Imperial Hand Glaze are tops in my book, followed by Zaino. Go to the Zaino site and read up on all their products. I love the leather conditioner and tire care product.


Have fun
I also have a magnetic red coupe and everyone really makes a point out of remarking about how much they love the color. The darker the color, the harder it is to keep looking great, but the better it looks when it is done right.

I have only used Zaino on mine and it is the best that I have ever used. Z2, Z5, and the Z16 tire dressings are all great. I have read a lot of good recommendations on the leather conditioner, but I have not tried it yet. Based on the number of people that have switched from Meguiers (spelling?)to Zaino, I would recommend going with Zaino.

Love my Magnetic Red!

Enjoy the car when you get it - I waited a long time for mine but it was well worth it!

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