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Paint Scratch



I inadvertantly scratched the top of the front passenger fender with my class ring. It is about 2 inches lond and appears that I took the clear coat off. The groove is noticable but not bad.

I don't know if using 2000 grit sandpaper would be the right thing to do before just having it redone but...... any suggestions?


Try using a good quality swirl mark remover, 3M or Meguiars. I 've buffed out some belt buckle scratches sustained when working over the rear fenders in the cargo area with the 3M product. Work in the same direction as the scratch, not across it. This will help to reduce it's visibility. Unless the scratch is very minor or shallow, you may never get it completely out, but you can dramatically reduce it to the point where you would have to know where to look to see it.

Swirl mark remover is very fine, so I may take quite a few applications. Meguiars Show Car Glaze is even finer, so it may not cut as deeply. Use the glaze to finish your work. And re-wax when you're satisfied you've done all you can. Just don't over do it. The clear coat is very thin.

IMHO I wouldn't use the 2000 grit unless you use it wet and you know what your doing. You don't want to make it worse.

Best of luck.

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