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Paint Scratch



I have a new scratch to try and fix.. looking at http://www.langka.com/ as a possibility.

How can I tell if the paint on my car is repairable with this product?

I am not sure if the car was completly re-painted in the past, but have seen evidence of front and rear collision repair to the valences and some over spray on the front swaybar and rear fuel tank vent hose and tail lamp wiring and some overspray on the chrome on the wiper door. Not sure how long ago either and what was used.

How can I tell if the paint was laquer or base/clear?

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Original paint was acrylic lacquer. If you have a hunch your car has been repainted, you may want to contact a previous owner to determine what might have been used.

You can dampen a rag with lacquer lacquer thinner and lightly rub an unseen, painted surface. If color comes off on the rag, the paint is lacquer. If you get no color, the paint is obviously something other than lacquer.

You might also consider taking the car to your favorite auto paint shop and let the pros have a look. They might be able to tell you what your color coats are.

Have you tried rubbing out the scratch?



I wish I had kept the info from the prior owner before I transferred the title to Texas. (I think it was a North Carolina title) but I bought it from a dealer in Atlanta.

I have not tried rubbing it out.. don't think it can be fixed that way.

It is a big nasty oops.. :cry

Happened while replacing the drivers side door mirror mount. One of the screws snapped while I was attempting to remove it an the screw driver slipped along with broken screw head. The scratch is about a 1/8 inch wide and 5 - 6 inches long right in front of the mirror. There is a greenish base coat showing through so it looks like it took the paint off.


The Scratch




would try some rubbing compound first followed by polishing comound. The very least it will do is cushion some of the "ooouuuucccchhhh" out of it, may even do the trick.
Yuk dude, thats nasty lookin!


That's why I'm hoping I can use the stuff from Langka, acording to other posts on the CAC and thier web site just blob a matching color of touch up paint, let it sit for several hours and use thier product to smooth the blob without removing the part filling the scratch or chip.

I may go ahead and try that... seems reasonable for $40 what could I loose??

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