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John 1

I just purchased this 78 corvette, silver anniversary, which has been stored for 8 years.
The paint is dull and faded and I would like to try to re claim this paint job, if possible. How would you recommend doing this and also what would I use to treat the rubber parts, such as around doors and windows?
Hello John, and welcome to the CACC. Well, looks like you have some promising potential there in that Vette. I would recommend you try a product called "Clay Magic" or something similar. What it is, is a clay bar that that you use with water to revitalize the paint. The advantage is has is that it is not a rubbing compund, which usually takes off the paint, trying to reveal a cleaner undercoat. Since you don't want to harm the paint, try to avoid harsh polishes. Clay Magic also works well on rubber pieces and black trim. You can't beat it for $20.

John had wanted to know whether this can be bought at your local auto parts store. Just for everyone's general information, the answer is "yes." Most auto part stores do carry this product and it should not be so difficult to find.


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