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Aug 6, 2002
Guelph Ontario
1958 dual quad, 5 speed 1965 LT5, C4 suspension
Cleaning up the garage the other day, I have the following items for sale. Some arent ZR1 specific but I thought I would list them anyways. The 94 was an 8000 mile car.

94 EGR valve, pipe and control 100
94 ASR module 50
94 front spring 50
94 rear rotors 50
94 ABS ECU and pump\valves 150
94 cruise control actuator and module 50
94 LTPWS module 50
94 power seat controls 100
ZF clutch fork 30
rear ABS sensors 10
power mirror control 20
airbag sensors and module 50
all HVAC sensors
Positive battery cable
wiper motor
TPS interface module

90 AIR pump 50
90 heater coolant lines 50
90 power seat controls 100
90 steering column 100
90 complete dash - wiring, CCM, cluster - no power key or bezel 500
90 injector housing coolant pipes 50

94 and 90 sway bars
Hope someone can put this stuff to good use

I will be at the Chicago Chevy/Vette show on the march third weekend. If anyone would like anything, I can bring it there.

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