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passive key system



Help! The passive key system in my '93 has all of a sudden decided to take a holiday. It has been working flawlessly until today. I replaced the battery in the transmitter first since it had been in there for a long time. No luck! I have attempted to reprogram according to the owner's manual and all lights come on and signal as they should. I am receiving the message that the programming has been successfully completed;however, when I turn the key on, I am not getting an PKE indication light on the driver information display, and the system is not working once I remove the key and walk away from the car. I was just bragging about how this 'Vette has been troublefree for since I have owned it - wouldn't you know- I should keep my mouth shut!
By the way, this is the system that was on the car from the factory, but is a replacement transmitter, if that is significant. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
Try holding down the door button for more than 5 seconds. That shud activate the system. You will hear the locks cycle. Then check your DIC to if it is active.

Rabbit, thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion with the door lock buttons. Still no display on the DIC. I thought I could have a bad transmitter, but the transmitter opens the locked door/s when I activate the button. So, I am at odds at to what the problem could be. However, I'm certain that somone on this site will have the answer-they usually do! Thanks again.

Guess I didn't make my self clear. I was referring to the door button on your FOB. Hold it doen until you hear the door locks cycle.
It takes a few seconds.
If you already tried that then I don't know.
To me it sounds like when you replaced the battery, the PKE sysyem defaulted to OFF. Try turning the system on IAW the owners manual. I think rabbit was eluding to that when he told you to try holding the door button down for about 5 seconds. That should turn your PKE system back ON.

Rabbit and Vette Pilot, Thank you both for the information. IT WORKED! Rabbit, I aplogize for the misinterpretation of your previous directions-DUH on my part. Vette Pilot, I think your diagnosis was correct concerning the battery replacement. I replaced the battery while inside the car, so this more than likely caused the interruption in "signal". All is well, and again, I really appreciate the help.

This and the ZO6 site are really great places to get info picking others brains. There's a slew of information just swimming around in our heads, (not necessarily mine) waiting to assist someone. Glad it all worked out for you, rabbit will send the bill.

Bill's in the mail. Vettepilot will get the usual 'cut'.
Thanks rabbit,
Is that cut after taxes or before? I always forget.... :J

Unfortunately its' after taxes,
Oh nooooo,
Not the usual again :hb
I hate it when that happens. :crazy

Thanks guys!

I was just about to post this same question about my '96 that started acting up yesterday. Went out to the parking lot and tried your suggestion - worked like a charm!

(The check's in the mail! ):s :s
Not to seem critical, but some of you guys need to sit down one day soon and read your owners manual. Lots of good info in there.
That's right, besides rabbit and I would go broke if people didn't ask questions.
I guess when all else fails, read the directions.:crazy
reading the manual

With all due respect to vette's vette. I think most of us DO read the owner's manual when we encounter problems;however, the directions as written are not always clear to the less mechanically inclined or to those who are unfamiliar with some of the "quirks" of the beast. It is great to have this resource (forum) to support those of less astute and I for one, appreciate the help when reading the manual just doesn't work.
Not to mention...

I can post a question on the forum and look busy at work! If I was in my office reading my owner's manual they'd know I was goofing off -

Excellent strategy Vettegirl, I use the same one at work.

The first thing that I did was read the owners manual cover to cover; the technical writing is good, but not excellent.

Anyway, I have the same problem with the keyless remote for my '96. It has never worked since I've owned the car; 2 months. None of the remote functions work.

I installed a new remote battery and did a visual inspection of the circuit board with no problems noticed. Where do I go from here? :confused Is there a way to check for a signal?

I'd like to take this opportunity to commend some of you folks out there, there is quiet a bit of knowledge out there in the members minds. I'm sure that a few of you know how to get to the bottom of this.

If I need a new keyless remote, does anyboby know how much they are, where is the best source for them, and are they easy to reprogram? :confused

Thanks for any help. Chris

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