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Jul 5, 2004
So Cal
2004 Millenium Yellow Coupe
OK I'm a new guy, Ive read every thread I could find with the Keyword pedal and I haven't found what I was hoping for yet. I'm one of those tall guys (6'5") who squeezes into my new 04 coupe. I can manage to get comfortable and I love the car. The only clearance problem I have is the button on my ball cap which I can live with. On the other hand, with the seat all the way back, down, and reclined, my knees are still in the dash. Does anyone know of a way to lower the pedals? I have the six way power seats and the car is an Automatic. No Clutch. Anything?
Welcome to the CAC and the unofficial "MY Club".

I can simpathize with you. I'm 6'-3" have the sports seats adjusted all the way back and down and have adjusted my driving position so I can drive this "loads o fun" car.

Driving an A4, you should be able to position your left leg up as I do to give yourself a little more room. Otherwise I think you'll most likely settle in to your comfort zone as you drive the car more.

Where are you located in So Cal? Me... I'm in Simi Valley.

Have Fun, Use the Wave,

I'm in Mission Viejo but I get up to Lost Canyons from time to time. Maybe we'll run into each other. Yellow Vettes aren't to difficult to spot. Been wavin.
Can't help you with the pedals, but I live in the SFV and drive a MY convertible. There is talk in the "Southwest" events section of a meet up. In the mean time, do you ever cruise up to Newbury Park? They have a cuise in every Sat, from 4-8 PM. Take the Wendy drive off the 101 and it's on the NW side. Heading north on the 101 you drive straight into the lot off the freeway. $3.00 to get in, lots of fast food places, etc. Come on up if you get the chance. Obviously invite is open to all, but this is in Simi Valley's backyard.


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