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Peter Max corvettes


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Jul 23, 2009
naples fl.
2002 electron blue coupe
Has anyone heard the Peter Max story?His 36 vettes rotting in a New York parking garage? A contest on VH1 in1989 where a guy won them and then later sold them to Maxx.Mr Max was going to use the vettes as his canvas and paint them up!I have always thought his art work was B.S.:pukeI wonder what is going to happen to these cars?
Some guys on another Vette forum recently found out that the cars where relocated to another storage area in NY. It seems they have never been touched in all these years with tons of dirt and lots of flat tires. Too bad
:w Ernest,

Here is a link to an older thread about The Peter Max Corvettes ;) I thought there was a newer one that was a bit more up to date ;shrug It might have come up in discussion of another topic, anyway here is a link to more information incase anyone is interested :thumb

The full Story

February 2010 Article

Thanks yoda- the story I found was fairly new-with pictures of the vettes.Pretty cool but sad that these cars are wasting away. I remember the contest on VH1.:thumb

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