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Pics of my engine bay


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Jul 5, 2001
Sydney Australia
1977 Yellow Coupe
Well I've finally got my Vette back on the road and tidied up a little. It's no where near close to where I want it yet but I'm getting there. Just wait until I pull the motor!
I've only just bought a digital camera yesterday so this has been the first chance to use it plus post some decent shots of my car.
What I'm mainly trying to show first is the aluminium pieces I made up to tidy up the area above the control arm. Also my dual electric fan installation too. What you can't readily see here tho is the stainless steel tubing I used to replace the rubber vacuum lines for the headlights. I bent them to run along the left hand chassis rails along with the re-routed wiring.
I'll try to get some more pics soon to show these modifications in more detail if anyone is interested.
Brutus said:
Well I've finally got my Vette back on the road and tidied up a little. It's no where near close to where I want it yet but I'm getting there. Just wait until I pull the motor!.. ..

Brutus that engine compartment looks mighty nice. I like the air cleaner matching the paint of the rest of the car, nice touch doing the master cylinder too. More Pictures.. What all have you done to your Corvette, ie. interior, performance etc.. inquiring minds want to know.

Have you thought about sending some details and PICTURES to Rob, We are always looking for "Vette of the Month" for the front page :D Don't think we have had one from Oz yet :D

Nice seeing ya here.

The yellow Overflow bottle is a hoot too. Keep the pic's coming.

Later....... Nut
Great engine

What an impact a little color has. Good job.

another pic

Thanks for the nice comments guys.
Here's another for you.

Time & $$$$

I see a lot of time and money there :D That really looks nice. I'm serious about the CACC Vette of the month. Please send a little history and some photo's to Rob. I would like to see a photo layout of your car, It looks sweet.

Will do Bud

On my days off this week I'll take some more pics with the new camera and put something together for you.

Wow! It's beautiful.
Awesome job.
Could really see the aluminum bits you were refering to, can you take another shot? Thanks.
more detail

Redmist.....you can see a clearer pic if you check out my web page.
Re: more detail

Brutus said:
...you can see a clearer pic if you check out my web page.

:L That's the first thing I did Brutus. I went there from the link I have to your site, on my site. ;)


Thanks Ken. Now that I've got this digital camera I'm going to rehash my web site and make it nice and purty. Hopefully I'll work out how to add others' web site to it as well.

I really like the balance of bright color. Very nice, and a real eye catcher.

Is any of that Powder Coating?

Chris...no it's all done with spray cans. The one trick I learnt was with the black paint I used on the inner fenders. They're done with engine enamel. I found it to go on much better than ordinary paints. Sprays better and flows better too. Cutting it back after is the trick tho.

You did an excellent job with those spray cans. I always get impatient and put finger prints in my stuff trying to assemble before it is dry.:r
that's the hard part. You have to let it go and do something else until it's nice and dry.
Thanks for the pics Brutus. The engine compartment looks great and you have given me some good ideas.:Twist
Really Cool

Hey Brutus,

That looks awesome. I hope to clean mine like that one day.

I was wondering, did you clean and paint all of the old parts, or did you buy new parts to paint and replace the old ones? I am willing to take the time to clean all of my old parts and paint them, but I'm wondering if I'd ever be able to get them to look as good as yours.(Yours looks brand new :) !!! ) If all of yours is original, then I'll know that there is still hope for mine... :D :)

Keep up the cool work. :)
used not new

t78....everything I've painted or had chromed has all been the original gear. It's been more satisfying having old parts come up better than new than just buying new bits, plus I can be satisfied that I did it all myself.
Got some more pics coming very soon too. I think you'll like them.

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