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Pistons on back order


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
:mad :mad

Just found out last night that my pistons are on back order and are not expected to ship until early/mid December:mad

Summit said there is a major problem at TRW (speed pro forged) and all piston production was shut down. They claim they just found this out as well.

The plan has been to duplicate the Edelbrock Performer RPM big block package with the Pro Flow Fuel injection on top. The good news is, the Pro Flow is being shipped out next week (it was back ordered as well when I purchased the heads, cam etc.).

I really don't have any interest in having custom pistons made, or going through the headache and delay of checking for valve clearance, etc.

They have a Keith Black Silvolite that is a decent replacement for the TRW , but since it is not forged, I run out of options if I decided to squirt a little NOS.

I planned on dropping the block next week to be machined and get the pistons pressed.

I have another fellow checking around for me, but if nothing pops up I guess I will find something else to work on in between.
I had a similar problem with Summit, I ordered the parts over the phone and paid extra for air frieght to England. Nothing turned up after a week, I called again only to be told the one of the items I wanted was on back order and would have a four to six week delivery. A few days later a card arrived to tell me this

The boy never told me this when I placed the order or when I confirmed the order with a fax. I told them if this had been the case I would have bought either another similar part or shopped elsewhere.

It implied to me that they were selling goods the did not have in stock which is ok if I had been told this at the time. Fortunately it wasn`t a critical get me going part so I waited but now I always ask if it is a stock item when I phone.

Major bummer dude! So close, so close and yet so far. You (and that purty black Vette) are in my prayers man.

- Eric
? FM chapter 11?

Sorry! But as you know ... TRW, Sealed Power, Speed-Pro are under wing of Federal Mogul. My "New" machinist just told me two days ago that he's "having trouble getting Speed-Pro pistons because FM filed Chapter 11." I don't know if that bankruptcy filing rumor is true ... just what's on the grapevine.
On Monday I am going to try other parts houses. There has to be a set of those on the shelf somewhere.

Other than that, I have started color sanding and buffing the paint. It is crucial to do this in the first couple of days as the paint will eventually get so hard that it will be difficult to cut with micro fine paper. So far so good.

Bad news though, I have a bubble in the paint on the firewall. This is a result of years of oil soak on there. I was surprised this had not happened already and thought I was in the clear. So, now that the outside is kickin slick, I will have to climb into the engine bay, hand cut and sand about 40% of that slick firewall down, and start over. Maybe it is good the pistons are not here, because this is going to sidetrack me a couple of weeks.

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