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pitman arm



I'm going over the front suspention and noticed quite a bit of play where the pitman arm attaches to the control valve. My shop manual does not give tolerances for this joint but I wouldn't expect to see any play at this connection. Is there supposed to be NO play and would it be in most cases the control valve or the pitman arm which is worn?
All help is appreciated for the technically challenged;stupid ;help

Having replaced a few of these I can only go from experience and the instructions I have saved over the years..

I don't think there should be very much if any play at the pitman arm connection of the control valve. The instructions say to torq the nut to 45ft/lbs + or - enough to align the castellation with the hole in the stud, but not to exceed 50 ft/lbs

My personal belief is that this unit gets "overgreased" by some oil changers and ends up blowing out the seal and causing more harm than help.

While you have the car in the air check the idler arm too.

Here is a website that has a fantastic Control Valve Rebuild instructions.. Control Valve Rebuild
Thanks Bud,
It seems that the seal was blown out due to an overly aggressive grease gun. :bang

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