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plentum gasket



Hi everyone!

I would like to know what a plentum gasket does and why it would make my car (1982) not get enough fuel pressure? I thought it was the fuel pump but the man at the chev dealership said it was a leaky plentum gasket is this easy to fix? And would it make my car have low fuel pressure.

Thanks for all your help

Sharkette, the gasket is a easy fix. if you cannot find one call me at the shop. 615 255 3939.It is also called a bad vacume leak.
The Plenum gasket part number is 10140668 and retails for $20.13 available at any GM patrs dept.

thank you

Thank you for all your help the part # will help me out greatly I am sure hopefully this will fix my problem so I can drive it soon.

Thanks again for everyone's help


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