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Poly colors



For those of you who have used poly bushings on your vehicles did you use black or one of the color bushing sets?
Do you think the colored sets look better ??
Slow day, huh?

Well I figure it this way, dirt and grease end up being black, so my bushings will be obviously dirty when I sneak under the car. Therefore I chose, black. On the under hand, when they're dirty and you clean them, you'll know it's clean if they're another color like red. Decisions, decisions... Now I'm crazy again. :crazy Thanks, resto! :( --Bullitt
Poly Colors

For the same reasons as Bullitt's.
And if I'm not mistaken, I think that Graphite impregnated bushings come only in black. I wasn't offered color when I ordered mine. Sarge :xmas
black w/red mtr mnts

Kinda like Sarge81, I got black because I think (????) it's the only "color" graphite-pregerred poly bushings are offered in. I considered another color ... but only to assist my poor eyes during cleanup. Speaking Aesthetically-Only, I prefer black bushings. My poly bushings came via Van Steel ... Art tells me they're made by Energy Suspension. Somewhere, I'd heard story regarding failed bonds between graphite-pregerred bushings and the bushings' outer shells ... dunno if accurate ... effect, if any, may be be minimal ... really dunno?

I got ES poly motor mounts elsewhere. Here too, I would've preferred black for aesthetics; but chose red because I did NOT want graphite. Since the mnts have no moving parts, no need for graphite/lube. Referencing the failed bond issue, I hypothesized that graphite "might" compromise the bonding between plates.

I've yet to install neither bushings nor mtr mnts ... so no performance data as yet.

Folks, set me straight if you've got a clearer take on whether black always contains graphite ... and if colored never has it ... and if graphite does/does not compromise bonding?

Resto75, it's your car ... choose any color that pleases YOU!.

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