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popping/binding in rear end


Jan 8, 2002
74 L48,MM Red
Hi Guys

We just bought a 74 which seems to be in real good shape except for the noise in the rear end.Intermittently the rear end seems to be binding,especially at very slow speeds and in a right turn.

I'm new to Corvettes but this feels to me like clutch discs in the posi are sticking and I'm only assuming that this posi has the discs.I was thinking of changing fluid and adding GM posi additive and see if this makes any difference.

I'm totally unfamiliar with these rearends.Do they have a drain for the differential?If it's something more serious are parts readily available.Does GM still sell parts for this year?

This is a great site,I've been checking it every day since we decided to buy a C-3.


Change the rear end fluid and add the posi-lube. This should take care of it. It did for me. Good luck.

Had the same issue with the 82. Diff fluid needs changing yearly.
I have no drain plug. You need to siphon the old fluid.
binding / popping noise

Mine made the same noise, but our problems turned out to be worn yokes at the differential and they needed to be replaced. Check the tire wear on your rear tires, if they are wearing excessively on the inside, your yokes may be bad.
i agree with c4ever.it is best to buy a suction gun from you local auto supplier.then suck out the fluid through the fill hole plug.bests results if the fluid is still warm from driving.you will need 2 GM# 1052358 additive and 3 #1052271 lube.my expert vette mechanic says to always add 2 bottles of the additive first ,then add the lube until full.you won't use all the lube but most of it.i also found it much easier to remove the spare tire carrier assy,no big deal about 10 minutes.this is one one of the best investments you can do for your car :upthumbs
Thanks for the replys.Fluid and additive seems to have done the trick,drove ten miles and so far no more popping/binding.What a relief,I was worried to death.Thanks again,Tom
i am glad that the fluid change did the trick.happy motoring:w

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