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Post Heater Core Replacement


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Apr 12, 2001
New England
2010 CRMT Grand Sport Coupe
I just got the 82 back from the shop last night after having the heater core replaced. Obviously the carpet padding on the passenger side got soaked before going into the shop. Will the anit-freeze evaporate and let the pad dry out, or do I need to replace the padding before mildew sets in? I've drained all I could through the plug on the under-body and blotted as much as I could. But it's still pretty wet.

Thanks in advance and hope to meet many of you in Carlisle.

I have had anti-freeze droplets on my garage floor for days and it does not evaporate. I would remove the padding and flush it with fresh water and set it in the sun to dry if not just replace it.
It won't evaporate and it leaves this slimy residue (happened in my blazer). Use some soap and water to clean the carpet and replace the padding since that probably soaked through. Dawn dishwashing soap works good. I suppose you could also just wash the padding and let it dry. Either way, it really needs to be cleaned or it will forever smell like a/f.
Thanks, Roy & Tom.
I just looked at Ecklers and they have a front set of padds for $70. I guess I should just replace it and not have to worry about any smell either. I'll flush and dry while waiting for UPS. I have some Kirby carpet cleaner which is the best thing I've used in cars.

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