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power brake booster question



I own a non power brake 68 big block convertible.
Can I use the original non power brake master cylinder with a power brake booster?
What's the difference between both master cylinders ?
Thanks, Gunther:w
Good question. I am working on the same project and hope to post up all the details of what I used. In my case, I already plan on replacing the master cylinder anyway, so I will simply specify "power" when I buy one. I can tell you that the lines going from the master cylinder to the distribution block/proportioning valve are different and you will need to get the power brake ones.

The only problem I have been having is what it do to connect the booster to the pedal. The threaded rod on the pedal is different from the one on my booster. A fellow sent me a picture of his and I think I see the difference now.

Like I said, I will eventually post up the gorey details of everything.

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