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power chip for '81, good or bad?


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Dec 16, 2000
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Well, I'm now suffering from withdrawls as weather finally forced me to park my vette in the garage for the winter. But it gives me time to think of things to do to my vette. I welcome any input as to weather or not a power chip is worth the investment for my '81. I know the first computer controlled carb is known to have trouble sometimes, does the power chip help at all? Also, does the power chip increase performance at all? Thanks for any input.

mxdout165 - i sure wish my speedo went that high, silly '81's

you should get a few replies here. I havent had experience with the chip , but othere here have.
From what I understand , there is little improvement , if any, from installing the chip.

I think you would be well served to spend the money elsewhere. :)

Good luck,

I don't know of a chip for the '81 but there may be one. About 11 years ago we went through a whole summer of computor problems with the '81. Delco Electronics in Kokomo IN even had the car for 2 weeks and it failed again within hours of getting it back. Finally got it figured out and I haven't had the guts to touch it since. I think Eckler's and others sell 160mph speedometers so you won't have to wish anymore. Tom
Save your money

mxdout165 ~ ~Welcome to the CorvetteActionCenter~ ~

I bought one last spring, ADS Super Chip. I installed it and didn't expect an 11 second car, but thought I would see some signifigant improvement.
Well, it seemed to have a little more pull around 3000 to 4000 rpm, but it could have been wishful thinking too
So I put the old chip back in and to be honest I really don't notice much difference, except now the Rare81 has a very slight miss around 3500 rpm. Could be coincidence. One of these days I'll stick the Super Chip back in and see if it cures the problem.

Take the wife or friend out to dinner and enjoy the money saved ;). The addiction only gets worse :D

rare81 ( Bud ) knows about the chip...
he bought one... may even sell it to you :)

Thanks for the input. I'll definately look somewhere else to improve my Vette. It's just that I now have an '85 Chevy Blazer, 4:10's, headers, true dual exhaust, etc. that I got from my brother, and although I haven't tested it head to head, I'm sure it'll smoke my Vette off the line, which is pretty depressing. Good news is, my Vette still looks much better and is more fun to drive just cause it's a Vette!

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