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Power Steering Pump..


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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5
How do I seperate the Power Steering Pump from the Power Steering Reservoir on a 1980??

After putting new Hoses, Control Valve and Steering Cylinder on a 1980 the @#$#!@$@ leaks like a sieve.. NEXT is the the !$#!#@$! PUMP, but how do you get it seperated from the !$#!#@ Reservoir???

Hi Bud,
First remove the valve where the line screws in. 1" socket. Be careful, it is spring loaded. Then remove the 2 bolts. 11/16 or 18 mm depending on the pump. Tap the res. off the pump body without denting it, it will be stuck.
I did this about 6 months ago, and if I remember correctly it took some effort to seperate the pump and res. I think there is a good article at Zip with pics on how to do this. There is a very large o-ring that wraps around the pump to reservoir contact that is prone to leaking. I coated that 0-ring with powersteering fluid before reassembly to allow the o-ring to slip into place upon reassembly. I had fluid leak buildup at this o-ring junction until the rebuild. I also used teflon tape around the threaded hose inlets that run from the reservoir to control valve. I don't want to have to rebuilt this again. Now I'm just dealing with leaks from the engine and tranny. Does it ever end?


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I'll see what happens TODAY :D

Mike thanks for details in the email, and Jim thanks for the website info.

"You just gotta LOVE 'em to DRIVE 'em" I wished it was that simple some times. :D
I just replaced the whole thing. Why bother with separating it when you can buy a new or rebuilt one completely assembled. Mine was leaking from the pump/reservoir seal also, but a rebult one fixed the problem in a jiffy. Hardest part was removing the front pulley, but I took it to the auto parts store and they had the remover for it and zipped it right off.

Good luck Roy
Nothing wrong with buying a replacement unit, but if your powersteering pump is working and just has a small leak, rebuild kit, which only cost about $10.00, is certainly a good way to go. I fixed my leak for cheap.


The difference in price is about $30 for reservoir/pump and just the pump itself. I'm cheap and like to pinch every buck, so it makes sense to me. I experienced problems putting back the unit together on my brother's car, as I'm impatient and don't have tolerance for slippery o-rings. Everything did come together when I calmed down. --Bullitt
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DONE.. :)

Thanks everyone for all your help and support ;

We ended up taking the pump to Kragens and having them pop the pulley off. My little two legged puller just couldn't cut the mustard. Once we got the pulley off it was a cake walk.

My ole buddy BLACKDOG has power steering once more. I did lecture him (in a nice way) about running the unit dry :J I know of at least 2 times... He's a dear friend and has a beautiful Black/Black 1980..

"On the Road again, can't wait to get on the Road again"

Again thanks for all the help,, esp. another good friend stingray6974 for his detailed email..Thanks Darth :D
You're welcome Bud. Always happy to help a friend in need.
to steer...or not to steer

Thanks Mike, and to everyone else for the insight, as it all seemed to be a breeze, but it shoulda been as YODA was doing all the wrenchin'...that was until after the control valve, slave cylinder and hoses were r&r'd and there was still a leak !!:mad
So, why not just r&r the pump too, right ?
I think it was when the gal at Kragen Auto mentioned something about the reusable reservior...no ,we just wanted the entire unit.
So now we know about the removable reservior and the fun that goes along with the r&r of the pump. Gee, if GM would have just given us another 3/4 of an inch in front of that damn pulley....ah, but the patience of the mighty Yo-Da was the saving factor.:D
So, once again, the Yoda sets the DoG free and it's out of the pound.
What a guy-What a guy-what a GUY !!! :beer
Now, let's go work on the golf game. Arf-aRf !
I think you'll need some East Coast help in that department DoG. Save up your greenbacks. The Nut will be in the house in mid March. (With my sticks) ArF, ArF...... :D

PS.... you couldn't find any left-handed socket wrenches? Gotta get Yoda to do the dirty work? Good management material if I ever saw it. :L

........ Nut
Nuts !!!!

Hey Nut ~ my first problem was looking for the left-handed control valve. :(
Yoda knew we were in trouble when I brought down a BBQ fork and spatula, opened the hood and said..."let's go for it" !!!:D He probably figured it'd be best if I just emptied the ashtray and watched the clouds go by.
...management material ??? gee, Nut...you're way to kind. :beer :beer

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