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Power Window Problem

Jan 24, 2002
Binghamton, NY
1981Dark Blue Metallic & 2004 conv. magnetic red
The window on the drivers side won't go up all the way yet I can pull it up. To put it down I have to push it to a certain point and then the power does work, both up and down.

I think that it has sliped from the mechanism but would like to fix it. Is this something that an amateur can do or should I take it to a shop. Also does it require any special tools. I appreciate your help.

Chockey- crack out your shop manual and it'll show you how to remove the door panel. An inspection can be done with good eyesight and a flashlight of the window workings. It may be simple enough for the amateur , then again it may be to your liking to bring it to a shop. Just about all replacement parts are available for the working mechanisms, up to you if you want to tackle it or not. My advice would be to start with a shop manual in hand. I took mine completely out (both door window mechanics) cleaned, greased and reinstalled in one weekend. Really not that bad of a job.


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