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power window rattle



With my power windows down, they rattle when I close the door. Is this normal?
I know the 80's have bumper pads that hold the window tight... look inside door i think their worn...
Normal....as in most do........yes...acceptable...no :)

In later years they changed the design...84 uses the window ribbon.......Since raising the window slightly so it is held by the weatehrstripping better ends the rattle, I thought about adding a "bumper stop" to the rail the window rides on so it doesnt go completely down (but edge is hidden and supported by the weatherstrip).........but I found that the car came with only 2 padded window bumpers that are at the edge of the window near the weatherstrip..........but there are 3 holes!!!! I ordered 2 new ones to replace the old 2 and added a 3rd and it works pretty well! Just be sure to put them on loosely and slowly raise the window so they find their "natural" path then tighten them otherwise U might break the window!

PS another rattle to fix while you're in there is the door lock rod (it goes from the door handle to the door lock)............add a piece of rubber/plastic tubing to the end so it doesnt tap
Nice tips

Thanks for the tips on stopping rattles. I looked down into the door through the window path and the drivers door is missing both bumpers. Need to replace them before my window breaks from closing the door!

Also, the PO removed the pass. side door panel, and the top of the panel (wth the rubber window seal) doesn't want to stay put. The top of the panel usually slides down and clips into the door on most cars. Any suggestions?

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