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Problem With The LOW/FLAT TIRE Light???


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Oct 28, 2000
Stockton, CA
Ex 1995 ZR-1 Aqua/Blk #389, 2010 ZR1 JSB/Blk #1549
I’m having a problem with the LOW/FLAT Tire light coming on the start of a trip from dead cold, after not driving it for a few days. This started to happen a few weeks ago after the holidays. One day I started the car up in the garage and let it idle and run for 20-30 minutes just to get the oil circulating. After that I shut it off without driving it.

The next week I took it out for a drive, as I started out from the house a few second later down the road my LOW/FLAT Tire light comes on. Then I pulled over to the side of the road and shut it down. I got out of the car to check my tires and all the tires look normal. Then I started up again and proceed down the road and everything was normal and LOW/FLAT Tire never came on after that.

Then a week later I decided to go for a ride, again as I pulled out and left the house and proceed down the road, the damm LOW/FLAT Tire light lights up again. So this time I stopped again and shut it down and got out to check the tires with the gauge, and all the tires appear to be over 30 psi. I started it up and proceeded down the road and no more light again after stopping and checking the tires.

A week later, which is yesterday morning, again that happened to me with the same thing. As I started down the road the damm LOW/FLAT Tire light came on again. This time I just drove it to the gas station and aired the tires up over 35 psi and no light again, after I shut the car down and restarted it.

During all this time after I pulled over and shut the car down then restarted it the light never came on after that, until the car sits for a period of a long time. Now as I said, all this started after the time during the holidays when I started the car and let it idle for 20-30 minutes then shut it down with out driving it. I’m just wondering if by not moving the car after starting and idling for a long period of time if it registered a code, which I have to clear. It only started happen like this after the incident I have that one time with just idle the car for 20-30 minutes. It only seems to come on at the first time after the car sits for a long period when it’s dead cold for a week.

I read my 95 service manual and as I understand it, if the tire is low and air was added inflated to proper pressure the light will not reset until the car has been turned off, then light will reset after the car is turned off and then turned on, and that should reset it.

I really don’t believe I have a bad sensor since this just starting to happening after the incident of starting the car and not driving it. If I had a bad sensor then the light would stay on at all times, but it goes off after I shut the car down and restart. I have heard some of you say before, when you start the car 3 times without driving it the there is an error code on the LTPWS, but what I'm having trouble is the is the LOW/FLAT Tire light instead. The car has 14,800 miles on it, which I'm really not sure how long are these damm sensors supposed to last. I'm sure it just may be some thing simple if I can find out what to do. Has anyone had this problem at all that might be able to inform me or if there is codes I need to clear of some sort.

I have also noticed some of the sensors in these cars can really get aggravating. I'm still having a problem with my "service LTPWS" light. My next step is to pull the bulb on mine. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the LOW/FLAT light.....especially on the newer ZR-1's. Have you tried disconnecting the battery? I know this sometimes clears up some issues. It's strange your light is coming on with that few of miles.


That’s what I have been thinking about doing is to disconnect the battery over night then reconnecting it again to see if it clears everything out. I’m wondering if I’m going to have to reprogram my PKE Keyless Entry System. Does anyone know if disconnecting the battery, if I’ll have to reprogram the PKE? Anyone that might know please respond, don’t be shy about it.

I don't think you need to reprogram the key. My buddy has a '95 ZR-1 also, and I know he's disconnected the battery before. He's never mentioned anything about the PKE system. Keep us posted

To diagnose the LTPWS on a 94 and 95 just use a paper clip and jump the 5 and 6 terminal of the 16 pin ALDL connector counting from the top left. And turn the key on and watch the service LTPWS light and see if there are any codes set in the system.
12- system is able to diagnose
23- right rear low tire pressure
24- wheel sensor DTC
33- left rear low tire pressure
34- left rear sensor DTC
43- left front low tire pressure
44- left front sensor DTC
53- right front low tire pressure
54- right front sensor DTC
99- possible reciver fault

To clear codes use the paper clip to jump and unjump the two terminals 3 times in 10 seconds, the lights will all come on ans stay untill you cycle the key.

David Fulcher

Added air in the tires to 35 psi. Haven't had time to mess with it to find out what’s going on with it. I'm sure it's probably something simple. Thanks for responding!

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