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Procedure to lift a C4 onto Jackstands

Cowboy Kevin

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Oct 22, 2015
1968 Mako, 1987 Coupe
A service manager at a local Chevy dealership who also races corvettes told me that you can lift the whole one side by placing the floor jack directly below the side mirror. I used this method to lift one side at a time while I put jack stands under the car when I replaced the exhaust with a cat-back system from Corsa. I had the entire car off the floor on four jack stands. No cracks anywhere. When you don't have a lift you do what you have to do.

You cannot jack a c4 corvette by placing a jack directly beneath the side view mirror. If you look under the car in that spot, the frame is covered by the painted valence beneath the door. If you look deeper in, you see the fiberglass bottom of the floor of the cockpit. If you place the jack there, the weight of the car will press the jack up into this fiberglass floor and can puncture your floor. If the Jack is further back, it will push up the floor under your seat and your seat will sit crooked (very annoying, trust me).

The picture in the owner's manual is vague, at best, and is really no help at all.

Others may have mastered jacking their Corvette, but I certainly have not.

I am am actually thinking about buying a hydraulic lift to drive on to, which will give me about 25 more inches to work underneath the car, but that won't help me much for brakes or for anything where I might have to remove the wheels. ...and a $1000 (Costco) tool just to mostly let me do oil changes is not very appealing.

I can jack the back end by putting the Jack under the rear end, but I don't know what to do about the front end.
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