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Craig -1965

I'm in the process of acquiring information on my 1965 corvette. Being the third owner, somewhere over the years the Protect-O-Plate book has been lost. Is there anyway to get a copy of the original Protect-O- plate? They have a considerable amount of information regarding our cars. I have no idea where to start. HELP!:w
No way to get a copy of the original, but there are companies that will make you a repro. Jim Clemens in Florida can do this for you. No tanks stickers in 65, so you're at a loss from that standpoint. I'm not so sure that they even had Protecto Plates in 65. I know that they had warranty books. Maybe others with more knowledge of 65's will respond. I know that 63's and 64's didn't have POP's. Chuck

First off. Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community, Chuck. You sure have a nice collection of Corvettes there. How about some pictures?


Chuck is right on the money. There was no P-o-P in '64. I recieved several responses from '64 owners confirming this. '65 was the first year, I have a complete owners packet for a '65 that I can't find the owner for.

Here is the info on Jim Clemens for anyone needing it. I understand a repro plate is expensive to make. PH# 321-639-8341 E-Mail jimclemens@aol.com

'64s also didn't have a tank sticker so if you are looking for a way to determine the cars original equipment you will have to do some research on your own. I strongly suggest that you join NCRS. www.ncrs.org There are people on the discussion board that can tell you all sorts of things about your car and how to tell if it had this option or that.

Good luck.

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