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Question: Protecto Plate Decifering Help Wanted


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Sep 25, 2009
Bremerton Wa - Okinawa Japan
1972 stringray
I got the protecto plate with my car. Does anyone know what it means?

T1030CSR P2MO4
AAW227E C 3 K

Also the car is a 1972 and on the plate it states 11-22-71

Is it a 1972 built in 1971?

Many thanks


1972 model year production began in August, 1971.

First line in your post is your VIN (1Z67W2S506491).
T1030CSR is the original engine code. This number will also be stamped on the engine pad.

Purchase the 1972 assembly instruction manual (AIM). The AIM has a page concerning the POPs and the information which was embossed on them at the factory. It lists the various codes.


I have the 1972 Corvette Assembly Manual. I just looked through the manual and didn't see anything concerning the POP.


Look in the front of the AIM. I have AIMs for 68, 69, and 71. Each has a page concerning the POP and what information was to be embossed on it.


Mike is trying to tell you in nice way that you need to read your books, like the 1972 Assembly Manual and Alan Colvin's Chevrolet By The Numbers 1970-1975.
He is just trying to help you (and other newbies also) help yourself.

Let's give Vito a break, what do you say?

Your car, with VIN 1Z67W2S506491 is decoded as:
1Z67 - corvette convertible
W-Engine code, 454ci/270hp V8
2-1972 Model Year
S-St. Louis assembly plant
506491 - Sequence Number, the 6,491th 1972 Corvette built.
Protect-O-Plate decode:
T1030CSR: - Engine code, T-Tonawanda, N.Y. assembly plant, 1030-October 30, 1971 assembly date, CSR-454ci/270hp,4-Spd.,Rochester 4-BBL, hydraulic lifters, w/A.I.R. smog pump
P2M04: Transmission Code, P-Muncie Manual 3 or 4-Speed, 2-1972 model year, M04-August 4, 1971 assembly.
AAW227E C 3: Rear Axle Code: A-Chevrolet, AW-Positraction 3.08 Ratio Axle, 227-227th day, August 15, 1971, E-Eaton positraction differential source, C-Buffalo, N.Y. plant code, 3-third shift

K: unknown, (This should be a D month code for the November assembly of car or more likely a R = Rochester carburetor source)
11-21-71 as the sales date of car that was taped to P-O-P.

Look on trim tag on drivers door.
Should have something like this:
D04 = November 4, 1971 build date.
987 = Ontario Orange exterior paint code
421 = Saddle Leather Custom Interior


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