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putting an alarm in my 99


Active member
Apr 11, 2001
brooklyn n.y. usa
77 with a blown 540 in it.99 convertible all stock
I'm thinking of an aftermarket alarm for my car.Which are best or should I just depend on the factory one.Isaw some posts were people had problems with them.
Hi there,
You have 3 different security systems within Corvette. In order to steal c5, you need a flatbed tow truck.
Other than that, you will be fine with the factory system.
Aftermarket systems have caused numerous problems, with electrical systems, and power drains the battery.
Allthebest, c4c5:hb
Thanks you may have saved me a few hundred bucks.How about a cutoff switch of some sort.
Tech is right, but not only do you need a flat bed to take a Vette, but if they come after mine they better also have on a Second Chance Vest, cause after dark Dr. Glock answers all suspicious noises at my house.....lol Dr. Glock adds a new meaning to the phrase "Wanna 40" Rofl!

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