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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Ok Ive been away for awhile (Winter here) but I was curious I got some HACKED up Electrical EVERYWHERE Some guy dumped a MSD ignition into my car Result is No Cruise No A/C (compressor doesnt even enage) Got a short in dash somewhere that likes my new FUSE payment And finally

When the Coolant temp is (LO) and Oil temp is (LO) cars runs like CRAP! But as soon as the LO (on both) reaches a Number BOOM I run like a million Dollar

Im thinking of just changing the majority of the wiring THEN get a Computer on my ECM to see what sensors are shot THEN replacing those

Is what Im thinking Doable?(affordable) or should I keep picking the probs out wire by wire?
Big Red,

Nice to hear from you. I guess winter time is a good time to tackle projects like these.

I would have to discourage you from replacing the whole harness. Not just because it is a massive job, but in the process of replacing it you could pinch, cut, nick, miss wire, etc. the replacement harness and have just as many problems as you do now. How the factory even comes close to getting it right the first time around just amazes me.

I would suggest you find a Corvette recylcer that has a decent supply of junk vettes for the picking. I would spend some quality time with the shop manual learning the colors and description of the wires and systems you are having trouble with. If you can't repair the open circuits you have, I would go to the recycler and clip the portions of the harness you need out of the junker. This will do two things. It gives you some safe experimentation with the harness on a junker, and you end up with the whole portion to tie back into your car.

There are at least two places near where I am that have just such cars, and often the wire harness is to little to no value to them anyway, so for a few extra bucks they will usually let you clip out what you need.

Here is something else to consider. Many systems share wires. For example, on Nikki's 90, the blinker fuse is tied direct to the back up lights. You would never guess this by just looking at the fuse panel. Point is that after reading the shop manual and tracing wires you may find the common bond that is causing all of your problems. Usually grounds ties together for several systems before dumping out at a main grounding terminal, and same goes for computer power signal wires, etc.

So, good luck with it, and try to take it one wire at a time and you should succeed.
Yeah pbly will do it one at a time just had a second look under dash I might as well Frame up the whole car (again) Lol

Thing I was wondering also Im not a big fan of Gm's Bs cruise control system and was thinking of getting an aftermarket done then removing the old harness and parts this way My stuff is ALL new and the old tattered harnesses modules Etc are gone

Anyone have an opinion on these aftermarket cruise sys's? like Sony for instance
It really is hard to beat the stock system the way it is integrated right into the entire car.

I have never installed a Sony brand, so I have nothing to compare for you. However, I know the stock systems are durable, and other than looking clumsy under the hood they do a great job.

Maybe you could experiment with lengthening the throttle cable and try to stuff the unit down below the battery or something so it is not noticeable.
Systems Malfunctions

If we attack 1 problem at a time we could make it all new.....I would start getting the Ignition straight first and working back from there.


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