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Question About Lower Radiator Hose



Does anyone know where I can find the demonicly possessed Chevy engineer who created the impossibly tight space you have to get your hand into to replace the radiator end of the lower radiator hose? Me and my 13 inch Justin's would like to have a talk with him!!!!
And you thought that they were kidding about the body being built around the chassis? It must have been a simple job before they wraped the body around the engine compartment.
Maybe we could get the design engineers to drop by the house and take care of some of the minor problems with our cars, like changing a fuse!:bash
When you start designing cars that are small, compact, and have sleek lines (like our C3s) you have to carefully use every open area to install parts. I personally think the car is built around the heater core.... I can change radiator hoses faster than I can even get started on a heater core. Some things are meant to be changed only once in the car's life - we are starting to find those things.
I'm looking at repairing/replacing the electric antenna on my '81. Seems I'll be removing 1/2 the exhaust system just to get it at. And that's not the first repair that required me to have a robotic arm. Try getting at some of the connectors under the steering column. Good Luck Jinx..... Nut
I hear ya Jinx. My next project is all hoses on the 82. I took one look at the lower rad hose:eek and whose idea was it to hide the fuse box.:eek But hey, ever change plugs and wires on a C4:hb :hb :r :r

At Disney they call it Imagineering:L
Heh..heh, Thats funny:L
When I replaced mine, I used two hoses with the general bends I needed, and spliced them togeather with a pipe, That made the situation a little better but it still sucks:t
It's easy if you have six foot long arms and don't mind standing on your head . . .

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