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Question about Stingray's...



I have been looking to buy a 1980, or a 1981 Stingray, and all of the ones I have looked at have been automatics. I would rather have a manual, but I can't seem to find one. I was wondering if manual 1980 or 1981 Stingray's even existed, or if they were WAY harder to find. Someone please help me out.
Welcome to the CACC sir2dope. The '80 and '81 Corvettes are very nice. Both where years are avalible as 4 speeds. The reason autos are so common is because, of the 40,614 1980 Corvettes built only 5,726 of them where 4 speeds. Of the 40,606 1981 Corvettes, only 5,575 of them where 4 speeds.

The overwhelming popularity of the automatic tranny led Chevy to build only automatic '82 Corvettes. And originally when the '84's where being built they where only going to be offered with an auto tranny also, but there was such an uproar that Chevy decided to add the 4+3 tranny, to the list of options.


P.S. The spec's for each year Corvette can be found by clicking on the "Specifications" link at the top of the page.

Does that mean Manuels will be alot more expensive? I have looked EVERYWHER, and haven't been able to find a manual 80 or 81.
Supply and demand

I work in the auto insurance field and have paid out my share of total losses over the years. The funny thing is, that on most cars and trucks with a manual trans-book value says they should be worth less. Even on sports cars.

However, those of us that love to bang our own gears see an automatic as one step closer to the wheel chair and assisted living facility--In other words, they are fine for somebody else.

With that said, if I had a farily rare four speed in the model you are after, I might be tempted to jack the price up a tad. In the same respect, if I just had to have an 80-81 then I would possible expect to pay more for something that is a little more rare and==Exactly what I want.

I don't think you will see an automatic (no pun intended) increase across the board for a manual trans. It will all depend on how motivated the seller is, and what kind of condition the car is in.

I just realized, I am going to get flamed out for my automatic transmission comments.

Nothing personal---I have owned two Corvettes with autos and loved them almost as much. Plus, my 3500 pick up is an auto, and I would not have it any other way.

I think I am just digging myself deeper here.

I don't think you'll get flamed...

It is evident that manual transmissions and sports cars tend to go hand in hand, right along with the desire to control more of the vehicle you are driving by using a manual tranny. Interactive driving with lots of driver input. ;)

Myself, I prefer an automatic. I can't seem to coordinate steering, shifting, gas pedal, brake and clutch. I would hate to put a Vette through the torturous experience of me trying to drive a manual!
I CAN do it, I just can't do it very well. ;)

I know the blue book says manuals should be worth less, but of course you must take into account the demand factor. When purchasing a new car, manuals are cheaper than automatics, so I wonder if it is a 'building cost' issue as to the price difference...because like you, I also notice many people prefering to drive a manual.
The 1980-1981 corvette's weren't "STINGRAYS"
The 1980-1981 corvette's weren't "STINGRAYS"


Originally posted by 78SilvAnniv
When purchasing a new car, manuals are cheaper than automatics, so I wonder if it is a 'building cost' issue as to the price difference...because like you, I also notice many people prefering to drive a manual.

I think that the reason automatic's are more expensive are due to two things. 1) An automatic tranny is a little more complicated to build, thus more expensive. And 2) though a lot of people perfer the manual tanny, there are a lot of people willing to pay a little more for an automatic to have the power of a sports car, but not have to hassle with the clutch.

Auto VS 4 sp

I personally like a 4 sp better than a auto in a sport type car. If I was buying a family type car I would surely be looking into a auto, but not in a vette. Driving a 4 sp is more work but thats why you buy a vette, for the sports car feel and running it thru the gears.
As for which is worth more I guess it depends on the buyer. Some people just don't know how to drive a manual transmission and really don't care to learn. I however would value a 4sp higher as I think it all goes with the sports car image along with the power, sound and handling. I had a auto vette and liked it but a 4 sp gives a litttle more "rush" when you drive it.
I agree with Resto75. A Corvette is a sports car, and half the fun of driving one is shifting through the gears.

I own a '76 4-speed. There were 46,000 built in '76 but only 2,088 4-speeds. It took me months to find the right car, but I wouldn't have it any other way. All things being equal, I would definitely pay more for a 4-speed.

It has always puzzled me why such an overwhelming majority of the Vettes were built as automatics. Of all the real sports cars of the world, how many do you see with an automatic transmission (other than Vettes)?


The main reason I wanted a Manual is to peel out. I'm not sure if a Auto would peel out as good, or get as much speed right off the back. Do Auto's peel out as good or...

I hope Johny Law does not see this post. They don't care much for tires going up in smoke.

Actually, a stout engine and an automatic transmission make some pretty good tire smoken. If you are going to drag race the car, holding the brake with one foot and punching the gas with the other will allow you to heat up the rear tires, then later stage for a hard launch. As you know, a automatic can be modified with a higher stall or RPM converter to give you more take off snap.

But................you don't need a Vette to go spinning your wheels. My GEO does that whenever it rains and I hit those white painted strips on the road. :D
Answer the stingray question...

I am interested to learn about its' answer!

Are Corvette's only Stingrays if they have the stingray emblem...OR, are all C3's stingrays?


isnt power braking really bad for the car though?

What do you hink would win a race... My dad has a 1968 SS Chevelle 396 Manual, or a 81 Stingray Auto?
power braking

I don't think power braking an auto transmission is a good way to treat it, and will one day lead to problems. However dumping the clutch at 4 grand isn't too good either. Its like anything else, if you abuse it you better plan on fixing it too.
As far as the 68 Chevelle 396 vs 81 vette. think I would put my money on the Chevelle, if it has a old performance engine. Some of those old muscle cars had some brute engines, and no emission controls etc.
Re: o

sir2dope said:
isnt power braking really bad for the car though?

There are worse things you can do to your car, but yes power braking is not good for the brakes at all. When you stand on the brakes like that the rear brakes engage too, so basicly your just overpowering your rear brakes, the whole time heating them up and wearing down your brake pads.

You could always install a linelock switch that only locks the front brakes, so your free to power brake all you want.:)


I have a 72 camaro SS 350 manual somewhat modified and am sad to say that it will spank my as yet unmodified [but not for much longer]80 manual vette.

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