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Question about the FRC's.....:-)


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
I don't know a lot about the C5's, but would like to get a little more info. The hardtop model has really caught my eye and I had a couple of questions. I know it comes standard with a 6 speed & Z51 suspension. But is there a standard rear-end-gear in these cars? or are there different options?....ie: some C-4's had 2.59's, 2.73's, and even 3.07's.....also, do the hardtops come with DANA 44's?? Also, I've heard a lot of guys with 6 speeds(C-4's) will drop 4.09's in the back....anybody doing this with the hardtop? Thanks in advance:)

The informations is HERE


Check out the spec page for the 2001... the rear end options are listed there :D The front page has a hyperlink to the spec pages.. hope this helps.

I like the hardtops too ;)


The hardtop was offered in '99 and '00 with 6 spd/Z51 only and a standard 3.42 rear gear. All 6spd C5s get the 3.42, there was no optional gear ratio for the 6 spds. The popular upgrade is to 3.73's, but as I understand it, this is an expensive swap, as it requires machining of the rear housing to get the bigger ring gear to clear. Mallet offers this upgrade, and others do as well I'm sure.
For 2001, the hardtop is now the Z06. The rear gear in the Z06 is the same, but it has a different trans with revised ratios. And of course, more HP, upgraded suspension, real (non run flat) tires. I've had the opportunity to drive a Z06, and can tell you the performance is notably higher that my '00 hardtop. But, I'll be keeping my 2000 for awhile :)

Hope this helps, feel free to email me if you have more questions whardy@ameritech.net
Hey thanks for the info guys:) That really helps a lot....interesting about the gears. Sounds like a pain in the a** to do a gear swap:(
I almost forgot.....with the 3.42 rear, I'm guessing thats a DANA 44......

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