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question for SANMAN


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Nov 22, 2001
colton, oregon, usa
'93 Black 6 Speed
Sanman - I noticed you have the same car as I do. What interior color do you have ? I ask because I have the tan leather and just noticed something strange last night. The drivers side door panel and a black arm rest - the passenger side has a tan one. The wrest of the door pannels are identical - carpet color on bottom etc. I don't know if one of them has been replaced or if it is supposed to be like that. Neither one looks out of place the black on the drivers side blends in perfect with the black dash, and the drivers looks fine as it matches everything else being all tan. So, what does your look like ???


ok, not the sanman, but I have the same thing on my 92. It was designed that way to give a wrap-around cockpit look/feel to the driver.

I was wondering that too when I started looking at them.

thanks topless. I was hoping someone else would answere - sanman seems to have checked out for a while. I thought it matched and looked to good to be something that was replaced with a wrong colored arm rest. It does make the dash flow right around you.
glad to help

hey guys sorry was out of town for a while.my interior is black all the way around,everything looks the same on mine.i have a buddy that owns a 94 red/with black and silver door panels,silver seats,so i guess thats the way they came
yup! my92 is red with red interior. dash, front and center console, armrest etc. are black and the section that comes down the drivers side armrest.
passenger door is all red. seats and carpets all red. the plastic moulding in the back around the hatchback is black.

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