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Question: Question/Help on Tachometer


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Nov 2, 2008
Port Allen, LA
1980 L82 Coupe, Black
I have a 1980 Corvette, L82. I had not cranked it in several months. When I crank it, I normally push the pedal all the way down for the choke, and then turn the key. A few days ago, when I turned the key to start, it started up after a couple of seconds. But this time I think the throttle on the carburetor must have stuck and the engine raced up very high quickly, the tach going all the way up to 6000 RPM's. I hit the pedal as fast as I could to unstick it and it came back down to idle. But the needle on the tach stayed up around 6000. After killing the engine, it still stayed at the same place. When I drive it now, it stays up around 4 or 5000. It now never comes back down as it should or work as it should.
Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.
I have heard about problems like that with the tach. Sometimes it's the circuit board on the back of the tach. Others have said it sticks up high after revving the engine and shutting it off. May even go to rest at 6-7 thousand rpm. Also some have said they fixed it by revving the engine, so the tach goes up past center or higher, then letting it come back to an idle before turning the key off. I'd give that a try. Never had this problem with mine yet.


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