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Question on Corvette Central Dual exhaust


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Apr 10, 2013
Hamburg, NY, USA
1981 White coupe, red interior
I've got an 81 with a non-stock engine. No A.I.R., no anti-polution stuff so I'm doing away with the cats. I am looking at the Corvette Central dual exhaust with magnaflo mufflers for just under $700. The local shop that I would prefer to take the car to will not install the new exhaust without cats due to inspecions issues. If I'm gonna fail an inspection due to a visual inspection and they don't see cats, I'm gonna fail because there's no anti-smog stuff.

So my question...has anyone used this exhaust and if so are you happy with it and was it a true bolt on application? The folks at CC say it is just a bolt on but I find that hard to believe as I'm curious where the hangers would go.

Thanks in advance and I love the forum.


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Jan 11, 2011
Texas Gulf Coast
69 L68 Vert, 72 LS-5 Cpe, 72 LT-1 Air 'Vert
It's just a bolt-on change over. You are just retro fitting a pre-1974 exhaust system to your later model car. The only hanger you will need is the "bat wing" that bolts on at the rear transmission mount. Your existing hanger at that location is for a single exhaust pipe. You will need a hanger for a 1974 & earlier model with the dual exhaust. The mufflers will be supported by your existing muffler hangers at the rear. The frame didn't change when Chevrolet went to the single exhaust catalyic converter exhaust in 1975, which lets you do the conversion. You will need to remove the cat heat shield that is located under the car to get the passenger side pipes on.


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Oct 11, 2008
Caldwell, ID
75 Corvette Coupe, 383 Stroker
Don't go to the shop

I installed the same exact system by myself without much difficulty. I suggest you do the same. You will need four jack stands to do the job. Good luck.

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