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Although I want to keep my car totally original..

well atleast keep the original parts stored somewhere in air tight bags..

I would like to find some things like these :

Shifter Knob, that has a corvette logo on it (that will fit a 73' Automatic) - I thought I seen these somewhere before...

New leather seats with a corvette logo in the head rests (I can get this done, if I can find the embrodiery)

and.. logo embrodiered floor matts :)
the shifter knob...good luck i have been looking for a carbon fiber one,,,, the seats and mats try ecklers,corvette america,corvette central..
on the knobb... I could have dreamed this but.. it was like :

leather wrapped at the bottom and the top part of it was a glass/plastic top with the corvette logo underneath...

could have been a wierd twisted dream..
Close enough for horse shoes?

...sort of sounds like my 78s shifter.

It has a black leather 'boot' the shifter comes up through, and shifter knob is made of wood and the center 'button' that you depress to move out of park has the C3 crossed flags and 1953-1978 on it. However, I think the one you are "dreaming" of is probably more spectacular!;)

shall I just mass produce this for all models and make a big profit.. if it is in high demand.. lol

I am not sure where I saw it.. that is why I am wondering if I was dreaming..

I will check a few magazines I read lately to see if I saw it in them.. heh
well I will keep you posted on my findings...

get my car this weekend and then I will gather my thoughts on what I want to do now.. or wait till winter :)
auto shift knob

I believe most auto C3 came with round shiny black (plastic?) or chrome shift knob & chrome rev button. When I bought my used & abused auto '71, it came with a dark wooden non-varnished shift knob & cast-metal rev button bearing cloisonne-chrome Corvette crossed flags logo. I rather like mine. These were quite popular several years ago ... more than one rev button logo was available. I suspect the market for such accessories has diminished as more C3 are candidates for restoration ... fewer are customized. Perhaps you might contact our supporting vendor Steve (ssvette), Ecklers, MidAmerica, etc and ask if they have one "in the back." Maybe ask same of an older Chevy dealer in your area. I'd expect to find it at a mid-size Corvette swap meet. Then there's also eBay.

BTW, on C3 ... both knob & rev button have right-hand threads and simply screw on or off ... by hand. 68-82 auto shifters are not all the same ... but 68-82 knobs/buttons should interchange
thanks Jack for the information...

I will have to contact someone :)

as for keeping it original for restoration sake.. what I am going to to do.. is whatever I take off or out of the vette, I am going to put in heavy duty plastic bags, and seal them up and then put them in my attic.. or under my staircase in my basement.. (finished.. cause my room is down here :))

that way I can say it is original... and swap the new parts for the old parts...

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